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NFL Betting Sites | Best NFL Betting Options in Canada

Cover image for post NFL Betting
NFL Betting
NFL Betting Sites | Best NFL Betting Options in Canada

Canadians love their sports, including football and the CFL, but the NFL is definitely more popular and is even one of Canada’s favourite ‘Big Four’ leagues.

In addition to being popular in Canada, the NFL and the Super Bowl are also incredibly popular worldwide.

With endless betting options available year-round, it’s essentially sports betting heaven for those seeking a thrilling sport to bet on.

But which NFL sites are the best options for Canadians? And what kind of bets can you place with these sportsbooks? Let’s find out!

The 2023/24 NFL season is nearing the big, exciting finish.

To bet on both NFL regular season and playoff games in 2024, as well as the Super Bowl itself, I’d recommend choosing one of the following sportsbooks:

What makes some NFL betting sites better than others?

Let’s take a look at the top NFL betting sites and which available features make them the best for NFL betting!

Different sites fulfil different betting needs, meaning that no matter what you’re looking for, you can’t go wrong with any of them.


  • Hundreds of NFL Betting Markets

  • Large Variety of Super Bowl Bets

  • Great Desktop Site & Mobile App

  • Early Cash Out Option

  • High ($20) Minimum Deposit

  • No NFL HD Live Streaming

Known for its diverse prop betting markets, Bet99 boasts several hundred NFL betting markets spanning every single NFL regular season and playoff game.

Available markets include combination bets, parlays, and other classic prop favourites like the coin toss that decides opening possession.

Additionally, this sportsbook has some of the best Super Bowl odds, especially when it comes to Totals.

Its NFL odds are fairly competitive in general (as you’ll see in our odds comparison segment) and usually provide good value when matched against other sportsbooks.

Unfortunately, HD NFL live streaming is not currently available despite the supposed signing of an exclusive, low-latency NFL feeds sponsorship with Genius Sports.

A search of the word ‘live streaming’ in the FAQ section of the Bet99 website sadly doesn’t turn up anything either.

Hopefully this is something that they will remedy in the future.

Bet99 website search for 'live streaming'
A search query for ‘live streaming’ on the Bet99 website

Another piece of information to note is that if you do opt to use Bet99, your minimum deposit will be $20 compared to the usual $10 minimum that most other sportsbooks require.


  • Competitive NFL Odds

  • Hundreds of Unique Super Bowl Props

  • Request Additional Prop Betting Options

  • Practical Same-Game Parlay Toggle Button

NFL lovers from Ontario enjoy the ability to bet on whimsical Super Bowl props, such as which song(s) will be performed during the half-time show!

Other sportsbooks are starting to catch up in the unique prop bets department, however Betano is still amongst the best NFL prop bet sites and remains there for reasons such as the aforementioned prop market.

As seen in our Betano review, this sportsbook strives to go above and beyond with its prop bets.

Betano prop bets for the Superbowl

Apart from the team props, the sportsbook also has player props, as well as other props such as:

  • Successful 2-point conversion
  • Safety scored
  • Missed extra point
  • Non-quarterback pass

And many more!

Those who don’t feel like wagering on the sillier props, such as guessing Rihanna’s hair and/or dress colour, or the colour of the Gatorade that will be dumped on the winning coach, won’t be disappointed either.

Betano also gives you the ability to wager on props linked to specific quarter and/or halves, such as betting on a team to score a touchdown in a certain quarter.

Along with Bet99, Betano has competitive odds compared to most sportsbooks during the Super Bowl.

Another advantage is the highlighted same-game parlays available during certain games, which allows you a quick view into exactly which betting markets of a game you can combine into a single bet.

Note that there’s also a same-game parlay toggle button, allowing you to filter between which markets are available for same-game parlay betting.


  • Hundreds of NFL Betting Markets

  • Great Mobile App

  • Auto Cash Out Option

  • Same-Game Parlays

  • HD Live Streaming

  • Known to Limit Player Accounts

bet365 is amongst the most popular sportsbooks in Canada and is one of the best ones for NFL betting in particular.

Whether you’re looking to bet on the Super Bowl or just on any regular season NFL game, you will love the variety of betting markets bet365 offers.

Most NFL games have between 280-300 different betting markets, with most of them being various types of prop bets relating to a specific player, team, half, quarter, or final score.

The large number of available NFL betting markets isn’t the only advantage to betting on football with bet365.

Other features include value-filled odds and live streaming of certain games, which is indicated by the ‘play’ icon next to the game’s kickoff time.

One thing to keep in mind is that HD live streaming is only available if you’ve placed a bet within the last 24 hours.

The other betting tools at bet365 make this betting site even more fun to use.

The auto cash-out option improves your chances of profiting, and same-game parlays allow you to combine multiple bets from the same game.

Luke Garrison
Expert Quote
Luke Garrison
About Author
Luke Garrison is a professional writer from the Greater Toronto Area in Ontario, Canada. He has been writing about sports, sports betting, and casino-related content since 2011. When he’s not writing, you can usually find him at a concert or on the beach.

Not many sportsbooks have nearly the same range of available same-game parlay markets, giving you the autonomy to get really creative with your bet stacking.

Additionally, you can turn on alerts to receive live updates about the game, in case you’re not able to watch it live through the sportsbook’s HD live streaming option.

Alerts for Super Bowl game score changes at bet365
Alerts for Super Bowl game score changes at bet365

On the other side of things, many bettors dislike that bet365 is known for limiting players on hot streaks.

Essentially, this means placing harsher wagering limits on its most profitable players, which can certainly be perceived as a move in bad faith.

That said, I would still recommend using bet365 for its other advantages.

On the off-chance you win big and become limited in some capacity, there are plenty of valid bet365 alternatives to choose from.

After all, it’s always advantageous to have an account with multiple sportsbooks at once for odds shopping purposes, among other things.

Sports Interaction

  • Great Volume of NFL Prop Bets

  • Site Available in French

  • Available NFL & CFL Betting Markets

  • Convenient Betting Markets Layout

  • No Live Streaming for Every Game

French-speaking bettors from Canada especially love Sports Interaction. The website’s bilingual capabilities make it easy to place NFL bets!

Regardless of whether or not you speak French, this sportsbook is certainly worth a try.

There are a plethora of team props, and both NFL and CFL bets can be accessed right from the homepage, aka straight from the menu on the left-hand side!

Accessing Sports Interaction NFL and Super Bowl bets
Available NFL bets at S.I.

Sports Interaction unfortunately does not offer live streaming for every NFL game, but luckily, there are many NFL games shown on Canadian cable networks.

For those without cable, streaming services are also available for a monthly fee.

Another advantage to using Sports Interaction is the organization of the markets.

Compared to competitors, the layout is very convenient and easy to navigate, no matter what kind of bet you’re looking to make.

Sports Interaction neatly organises NFL single game betting pages
Sports Interaction organises its various NFL markets in a way that both looks neat and is easy-to-navigate


  • Exclusive NFL/TSN Partnership

  • Partial Cash Out Available

  • Large Number of NFL Same Game Parlay Markets

  • Only Available in Ontario

FanDuel isn’t usually this high on our list of top sportsbooks, but they’ve made large improvements in recent years and have substantially raised the quality of NFL betting on both the website and mobile app.

Thanks to an exclusive multi-year partnership agreement between the NFL and TSN, FanDuel is able to provide a unique betting experience to its NFL-loving bettors.

The main example of this is the FanDuel-specific betting segments inserted into pregame programming for NFL games.

NFL games are shown on TSN on Mondays, Thursdays, and Sundays, as well as occasionally on other special holidays such as American Thanksgiving and Christmas Day.

Some of these segments are even hosted by Cabral ‘Cabbie’ Richards, who many Canadians have watched regularly since his sports broadcasting debut back in 2001.

As such, a lot of eyes are on these FanDuel pregame shows, which discuss only the exact odds and favourable picks of FanDuel betting markets.

FanDuel also has a lot of betting features and perks, such as the partial cash-out option so you can ‘cut your losses’ if things go sideways.

They have also really upped their number of same-game parlay offerings in recent years, allowing you to combine several types of NFL bets from a single game onto your bet slip.

The amount of live betting options, including live betting same-game parlays, has a lot of appeal as well.

FanDuel is currently only available in Ontario and has been known to lack some variety in its betting markets for other sports.

On the other hand, it has become an industry behemoth in NFL betting.

BetMGM & Caesars

nfl partnerships

Other sportsbooks worth mentioning are official NFL partners BetMGM and Caesars.

Being official NFL partners, both BetMGM and Caesars tend to offer competitive NFL odds compared to rival sportsbooks.

However, these sportsbooks have fewer available NFL betting markets and other technical issues, such as slow withdrawals, so I didn’t feature them amongst the very best NFL betting sites.

That said, BetMGM recently started offering a specific feature I haven’t seen on many Canadian sportsbooks.

Same-Game Parlay+ is your usual same-game parlay, except it allows you to combine betting markets from the same game with significantly higher odds.

What do the NFL odds look like at each of these sportsbooks?

All of the betting sites on our most recommended list offer competitive NFL odds, and you’re not often likely to see a lot of variance between sportsbooks.

Here’s an example using moneyline odds (decimal) from a game between the Chicago Bears and the Minnesota Vikings:

Chicago BearsMinnesota Vikings
Sports Interaction2.301.65
Comparing moneyline odds between recommended sportsbooks from an NFL game

Sports Interaction and Betano offer slightly better odds for the underdog, and bet365 tops the list with the best odds for the favourite.

As you can see, there are only minor differences.

Take Note!

Keep in mind that the NFL is a wildly popular league and sportsbooks will pay a lot of attention to these lines to ensure that they’re as accurate as possible.

There are football fans everywhere and therefore a lot of people betting on the NFL, especially the Super Bowl.

It can sometimes be easier to find value betting opportunities within the betting markets of more obscure leagues and sports, such as eSports, for example.

The most opportune value betting category seems to be prop betting.

These markets are more uniquely analyzed than traditional mainstream markets such as moneyline and spreads; thus, you will find a larger odds variance between sportsbooks.

Don’t worry as I’ll provide more details about prop betting and other popular bet types later on.

Feel free to keep reading if that’s something you’d be interested in learning more about!

Super Bowl Live Betting

Like I mentioned, many sportsbooks will let you bet live during the big event.

If Baltimore Ravens or Buffalo Bills, for example (which aren’t immediate favourites, but are still up there) were to take a lead on the 49ers but you were still confident they would come through, you could capitalize on the odds that would briefly go up.

Live betting adds to the excitement of the Super Bowl, allowing you to potentially place bets at improved odds and even cash out if you feel like your bet is falling through.

bet365 Super Bowl Props

bet365 is famous for its prop bets, especially as the Super Bowl draws near.

Right now, you can easily access the Super Bowl bets from the menu on the left, and find a wide selection of:

  • Main props (passing yards, touchdown passes, rushing yards, sacks, tackles and assists…)
  • Player props (touchdown scores, anytime scorecast, player passing/receiving/rushing yards, longest pass completion, interceptions…)
  • Score props (team to make first score 2-way, time of first score, total touchdowns, longest field goal made…)
  • Team props (outcome of first team drive, both teams to score “X” points, either team to score 3 unanswered times…)
  • Half props (1st half lines 2-way, 1st half point spread, 1st half total, 1st half total touchdowns, 1st half team touchdowns…)
  • Quarter props (1st quarter point spread, both teams to score in quarter, 1st quarter winning margin, ast quarter/match result…)
bet365 prop bets for super bowl

Our favourite NFL betting app is Bet99.

When reviewing sports betting apps, I found Bet99 to be one of the fastest apps, with no lag and excellent user navigation.

Apart from that, Bet99 has endless NFL betting options and competitive odds for every regular season and playoff game, including the Super Bowl!

Best Sportsbook for Each Bet Type

Have you ever wondered about any of the available NFL bet types and which sportsbook has the best betting markets and odds for it?

There are countless possibilities to choose from, and I’m here to help you understand the most relevant options.


A moneyline bet is the easiest and most popular NFL bet type available.

Simply put, you’re able to bet on which team will outright win or lose the game.

The odds will reflect the favourite and underdog in each game.

Let’s see how the top sportsbooks’ moneyline bets fare against one another.

SportsbookBuffalo Bills Moneyline OddsMiami Dolphins Moneyline Odds
NFL moneyline betting odds from different sportsbooks for an NFL game

In this game between the Buffalo Bills and Miami Dolphins, the Bills are favoured to win and have lower odds.

On the flip side, the Dolphins are the underdog and, therefore, have higher odds.

So, what do those odds mean for you?

To give you an example, say you bet $50 on the Bills at bet365, which has the shortest odds for the favourite amongst the group above.

A winning bet would net a $70 payout (1.40 decimal odds x $50), whereas a $50 bet on the Bills at Betway would earn a $72 payout (1.44 decimal odds x $50).

Since there is a greater disparity between the underdog odds, let’s also look at an example comparing Betano’s 2.85 odds and bet365’s 3.00 odds.

Placing a $50 NFL moneyline bet at Betano would result in a payout of $142.50 (2.85 decimal odds x $50), whereas that same $50 bet at bet365 would yield a $150 payout.

better odds

Based on this example, it looks like bet365 and Betway sometimes offer better odds for NFL games.

As seen in the above examples, Betway and Betano are tied for the highest favourite odds, while bet365 has the highest underdog odds by a notable margin.

Another thing to note is that while I’m using the decimal odds format in these examples, the odds on different sportsbook websites can easily be changed to instead display either American odds or Fractional odds.

Feel free to refer to our in-depth guide outlining how to read and convert odds as it’s useful, easy-to-pickup knowledge every sports bettor can benefit from knowing.

Luckily, the odds will also automatically convert within your bet slip, meaning you can see what your potential payout will be before officially submitting a wager without having to do the math yourself.

Point Spreads

Point spread bets are another popular option you’ll find at all NFL betting sites.

When it comes to NFL point spread betting, you’re wagering on a team to either win or lose by a specific score margin.

Confused? Don’t worry, it will be a lot clearer after an example.

Example of an NFL point spread at Sports Interaction
Example of an NFL point spread at Sports Interaction

The first thing you’ll notice is a much smaller gap in the odds compared to a moneyline bet.

This is because a point spread bet gives the underdog an advantage in order to create a level playing field, from a betting standpoint.

Teams sometimes have the same odds in moneyline betting if the skill is truly on par, but often times there is an underdog. Even if only slight.

And what about the ‘+2.5’ and ‘-2.5’?

underdog vs favourite

Positive odds indicate that the New England Patriots are the underdog, while negative odds signify that the Baltimore Ravens are the favourite.

The number ‘2.5’ refers to the number of points a team needs to win or lose by in order to win the bet.

You may also have heard someone say ‘to cover’ or ‘cover the spread’, which are variations of a popular expression also used to mean ‘winning a point spread bet’.

For example, let’s say you were to place an underdog bet on the New England Patriots to cover:

  1. If New England wins by any number of points, you would win the bet.
  2. If New England loses the game by less than 2.5 points, you would win your bet.
  3. If New England loses the game by more than 2.5 points, you would lose the bet.

The same concept applies to betting on Baltimore:

  1. If Baltimore wins the game by more than 2.5 points, you win the bet.
  2. If Baltimore wins the game by less than 2.5 points, you lose the bet.
  3. If Baltimore loses the game, you lose the bet.

What about Alternative Point Spreads?

Nowadays, many NFL betting sites also offer alternative point spread betting options for both traditional game point spreads and prop bet point spreads.

These alternative point spreads differ in both directions. Essentially, there’s a variation in the point total, and the odds shift to match the new likelihood of the event occurring.

Having a range of alternative spread bets increases your potential betting options, especially if you believe that one of the alternative spread bets more accurately reflects what you perceive to be the most likely outcome.

Our recommendation is Sports Interaction because it’s a sportsbook that definitely offers a solid range of alternative spread bets.

Alternative point spreads at Sports Interaction
Alternative point spread bets for an NFL game at Sports Interaction

If you want to know more about point spread betting and whether it’s the best option for you, check out our point spread betting guide!


An NFL totals bet (also known as over/under betting) is a bet concerning the total number of points in a given game’s final score.

More specifically, whether it will be over or under a certain amount.

NFL Total Points Bet
Examples of ‘NFL Total Points’ bets for three different NFL games at Betway

For example, say you were to make an NFL total points wager at Betway for the first game pictured above. The total points is set at 43.5.

A bet on the ‘over’ would mean needing the sum of the final score to be 44 or more total points.

For example, if one team beat the other by a score of 23-21 (a total of 44 points), the over would hit, and the bet would cash.

Alternatively, a bet on the ‘under’ would require the sum of the final score to fall under 43.5 points.

For example, if one team beat the other by a score of 22-21 (a total of 43 points), the under would hit, and the bet would cash.

Some sportsbooks will only have one NFL total points odds offering per market, but most others, including FanDuel and Bet99, will have a lot of alternative totals options with linked odds to reflect the probability of each event occurring.

Prop Bets

The popularity of NFL prop bets has resulted in numerous available NFL prop betting markets for Canadians to choose from.

There are a lot of different NFL prop betting markets year-round; however, you’ll find a lot more choices than usual when specifically betting on the Super Bowl.

But what are prop bets? And what do I mean by ‘numerous available NFL prop betting markets’? Read on to learn more.

Top Tip!

NFL prop bets are available in many different forms, with the simplest definition being that they are bets associated with outcomes that typically do not concern the final score.

Some of the most popular types of prop bets include player props, team props, quarter props, and more!

Betano tends to offer the biggest number and widest variety of prop bets among Canadian sportsbooks.

For the game between New England Patriots and Pittsburgh Steelers, Betano offers 13 game props vs Bet99 that only offers three (total touchdowns, highest scoring half, highest scoring quarter).

Betano offers 13 prop bets for  New England Patriots vs Pittsburgh Steelers
New England Patriots vs Pittsburgh Steelers: Betano’s game props

Should you bet using prop bets? Prop bets can be somewhat risky, but even so, you should still enjoy yourself.

Wager on whatever types of bets you’d like to in the name of fun (within your financial means, of course). If that’s prop betting for you, have at it.

Luck does play more of a factor than usual within prop betting than it does for other bet types, but you can still have success if you adhere to our prop betting advice and bet wisely.

The probability of winning isn’t as strong due to this variance; however, the odds also reflect this, which can lead to bigger potential payouts.

What I mean is that prop bets are also more difficult for oddsmakers to predict, and this opens the door to more value betting opportunities.

This especially reigns true when it comes to alternative totals markets for player props.

For example, a wideout’s receiving yards total is set at over/under a certain number of yards, but that may not be the only variation of that market.

If the opening total is 45.5 receiving yards at +140 odds, alternative totals markets for this player’s receiving yards will go up or down by 10 yards with the odds scaling accordingly.

As such, alternatives for this totals market will be 35.5, 55.5, etc. An alternative totals bet on higher yards means shorter odds, and vice versa.

For example, the 55.5 receiving yards market will have slightly longer odds since it’s less likely than the initial line.


NFL futures betting is a good way to stick with a team or player all season.

This type of betting can involve betting on a winner of a league championship or individual trophy, for example.

Future betting on the NFL starts in the previous offseason, as markets such as ‘Super Bowl Winner’ and ‘NFL MVP’ open up pretty early, especially at bet365.

NFL Super Bowl LVIII 'To Win Outright' futures betting market odds
NFL Super Bowl LVIII ‘To Win Outright’ futures betting market odds

Sometimes, you can find betting value amongst futures betting odds.

For example, a player has a hot start, but his MVP futures odds either change very little or not at all.

At that time, you could bet on him to win MVP at inaccurately long odds.

Here’s an example: New England Patriots wide receiver Julian Edelman won Super Bowl MVP in 2019.

If you had bet on him to win the award before the Super Bowl started, you would have been able to do so at a whopping +2000 odds.

The only caveat is the amount of patience required to get a potential payout.

NFL Live Betting

Like all other major leagues and events, you can bet live on the NFL.

What this means is that you can bet while the game is ongoing.

This can be interesting when the gameplay doesn’t develop as predicted and you have a small window for a favourable bet before the lines change again.

Of course, to place live bets you need to be able to make some quick decisions.

That’s why I don’t recommend it to beginners who might need more time to do thorough research before placing a bet.

You can find out how to bet on Super Bowl from Canada here.

In order to begin NFL betting, you must sign up for one of the aforementioned sportsbooks.

Pick one that suits your needs, but I’ll use Bet99 as our example since it’s one of our most highly recommended books.

1.Enter Required Personal Information

Account Signup: Personal Information
Account Signup Personal Information
Account Signup Information: Preferred language and nationality
Account Signup Information Preferred language and nationality

2. Search for and Input your Current Home Address

Account Signup Address Input Screen
Account Signup Address Input Screen

3. Enter Required Professional Information

Entering your occupation ensures you have a source of income
Entering your occupation ensures you have a source of income

4. Answer Final Questions and Complete Registration

Set betting limits and answer final questions
Set betting limits and answer final questions

5. Deposit Funds into Account

Enter your desired deposit amount and click 'deposit' to proceed
Enter your desired deposit amount and click deposit to proceed

6. Place your First Bet

  Review selection before hitting 'place bet'
Review selection before hitting place bet

Note that you will have to verify your identity before being able to deposit and bet.

The NFL Draft is a very exciting time of year. NFL Draft betting lets you bet on football when games aren’t being played.

Most NFL Draft betting is futures betting, with several betting markets concerning which pick/round a particular player will be taken in.

You can also bet on the likelihood of a player being picked by a specific team, which can be a sneaky way to get a big win if an organization has an overwhelming positional need.

NFL Betting Tips

There’s no such thing as risk-free betting.

NFL betting in particular always involves an extra element of luck due to less-frequent games when compared to other sports.

Fewer games mean less information and, therefore, less accuracy; however, there are a few key NFL betting tips that can help you to both make smarter bets and reduce your losses.

Manage Your Bankroll

You can bet on the NFL all year round, meaning there’s almost always a game to look forward to.

This is why you should set bankroll budget limits, whether for weekly or monthly time frames.

Even the best sports betting cappers have hot and cold streaks and don’t let themselves get carried away.

Our sports betting strategy guide provides an in-depth look at how to best manage your bankroll using methods like the ‘Kelly Criterion’.

fun to know!

A ‘capper’ is a term used to describe a person that professionally analyses, predicts, and shares opinions about sports betting picks.

Shop for Odds

As I’ve already stated, NFL betting options are endless.

A lot of sportsbooks will offer nearly identical betting odds for similar betting markets, but there will still be some variance.

Especially for markets that are more volatile to predict, including prop bets and live bets.

Some of the biggest examples of odds variance between sportsbooks involve prop betting markets that pertain to scoring, such as ‘anytime touchdown scorer’ and ‘quarterback over/under passing touchdowns’.

But is it really worth it to odds shop before placing a bet? I certainly think so. After all, this is your hard-earned money I’m talking about!

Top Tip!

I recommend signing up for 3-4 different NFL betting sites.

Check the odds of multiple books before betting on an event in order to maximize your profits.

The few extra dollars really do add up over the months!

Pick Your Spots With NFL Live Betting

The oddsmakers can only keep up to a certain extent, meaning there is often sneaky value to be had with NFL live betting if you’re able to move quickly enough.

Targeting players who have a hot first quarter/half, for example, can be a good way to get rewarded for playing the momentum.

Especially if that player wasn’t as highly rated in the pregame.

Checking the news in the minutes leading up to kickoff, be it on the league’s official website or Twitter, can yield some value as well.

For example, if a team’s main wide receiver is a late scratch, taking the team’s second-best receiver to score a touchdown before the odds change can provide bonus value.

Use Logic When Analysing Potential Winners

There are a handful of NFL teams that enjoy continuous fan support regardless of performance.

As such, a lot of NFL bettors bet on their favourite team just because, meaning without analyzing the true win probability or any other potentially determining factors.

This can allow sportsbooks to offer overpriced lines, knowing that the public will still bet on them, even if they are an underdog.

Examples of teams with relentlessly loyal fans that may bet with this kind of haphazardness include the Dallas Cowboys, the Pittsburgh Steelers, and the Green Bay Packers.

Putting personal emotions aside and being logical will always lead to a better overall betting performance.

Think you’ve gotten the hang of all these NFL betting tips? Check out our recommendations below and get started today!


Luke Garrison<

Luke Garrison

Luke Garrison is a professional writer from the Greater Toronto Area in Ontario, Canada. He has been writing about sports, sports betting, and casino-related content since 2011. When he’s not writing, you can usually find him at a concert or on the beach.

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