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The Best Soccer Betting Sites in Canada for 2024

Cover image for post Soccer Betting Sites
Soccer Betting Sites
The Best Soccer Betting Sites in Canada for 2024

Whether you’re a seasoned bettor or would like to place your first wager, our recommended websites will provide you with everything you need for a smooth betting experience.

Meet Our Experts

Our soccer content is written and improved by the top soccer names in Canada and wider.

They’ve spent years honing their skills and placing numerous bets, and they’re happy to share their inside knowledge with you. Find their top tips below!

Jason Ence
Expert Quote
Jason Ence
About Author
Jason Ence has been giving betting and fantasy advice for nearly a decade, and is extremely familiar with the Premier League, Serie A, and the Champions League. He is a strong advocate for responsible betting and bankroll management, and always recommends utilizing multiple sports books in order to shop for the best lines in order to maximize your bankroll.

Manage your bankroll by staking additional units based on confidence and edges.

Charles Perrin
Expert Quote
Charles Perrin
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Charles has been operating as a freelance sports betting content writer for roughly 5 years. Prior to that, he was the overnight digital sports editor of the Daily Express where he presided over online coverage including breaking news and live blogs as well as boosting traffic levels. He boasts an in-depth knowledge of most sports and is adept at reviewing sportsbook brands in Canada. Away from sports betting content, Charles is a keen tennis player and he is a huge Tottenham Hotspur fan.

Start on basic lines before advancing to more sophisticated betting markets.

Soccer Betting Sites We Recommend

While all the sites we recommend are safe and good choices for bettors, there are three that are offer extremely rich betting markets and features for soccer.


Named Operator of the Year in 2022, Betano is a soccer heaven for prop bet lovers.

The brand also tends to have the most betting markets available.

For example, for the upcoming Serie A game between Fiorentina and Empoli, Betano has 605 betting markets available, compared to just above 120 at Bet99.

Fiorentina vs Empoli betting markets at Betano

The brand is also known for offering extremely competitive odds for soccer, and you can make the most of in-play betting via their Watch & Bet feature.

It allows you to bet in-play without requiring you to pause the live stream of the game.


Besides having decent prop bets for popular soccer leagues, Bet99’s biggest asset is the brand-new platform that looks good and makes it super-easy to find what you’re after.

The website is available in French as well, something we don’t see enough at Canadian sportsbooks!

Fiorentina vs Empoli prop bets at Bet99

Bet99 is also well-known for having one of the best betting apps available in Canada, so if you like betting on the go a lot, I cannot recommend it enough.

It’s easy to navigate, responsive, and easy to download, too.


When you combine competitive odds with a terrific futures bets market, you get bet365. The sportsbook’s range of futures bets across different soccer leagues is impressive.

For example, for the Premier League, you can choose not only the outright winner but which region the winner will be from as well.

This brand also offers competitive soccer odds and even HD live streams for a more comfortable in-play betting experience.

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Top Sportsbooks At a Glance

Here’s a quick comparison of the top sportsbooks so you can easily pick the one to go for:

Variety of Betting MarketsVariety of Prop BetsPlenty of Futures Bets
Competitive Soccer OddsTop Notch AppCompetitive Soccer Odds
2022 Operator of the YearFrench AvailableHD Live Streaming
Best for MLSBest for BundesligaTop for Premier League

To help you choose the right online betting site for your soccer bets, we paid attention to these few things (so you don’t have to).

Leagues/Tournaments Offered

Finding a sportsbook that covers popular leagues like the Canadian Premier League, English Premier League, or the Spanish La Liga is fairly easy.

But if you’re after smaller leagues, like say, the Myanmar women’s league, you may end up having a hard time finding a betting site that covers it.


Among the most important things to check before placing your first soccer bet is which website offers the highest odds.

And while we will explain the meaning of odds, how to read them, and how to pick a sportsbook that offers the best ones, we also did this portion of the work so you don’t have to.

All of the sportsbooks we recommend have competitive odds.

However, they differ across leagues and even based on whether you’re betting on the favourite or the underdog.

Stick around!

We feature some examples further down in our guide to give you a general idea of which one is right for you.


All online sportsbooks legal in Canada need to adhere to certain rules in order to be deemed safe and secure.

With that being said, our recommended operators go a step further to protect your account, and offer extensive resources pertaining to responsible gambling.

Easy Navigation

Finally, you want your betting experience to be smooth, and not a pain in the neck. Website navigation plays a huge role in that.

For example, Bet99’s navigation makes it easy to see which leagues you can bet on live at the moment, among other, more general user friendly options.

Our recommended sportsbooks allow you to easily find the league, match, and type of bet you’re after. It’s a huge timesaver, and you’ll avoid unnecessary stress!

What to Bet on This Month

Bet99 Review | Is it Legal in Canada?

The big news of the month is that Champions League is in full swing!

Premier League is up and running as well so you may want to think about who your favourites are.

With Leverkusen being #1 and Borussia Dortmund not even in the top 4, Bundesliga is also turning out to be quite interesting this season.

    Find competitive odds at one of our top-recommended soccer betting sites and enjoy cash outs, live streaming, and more!


    Is Soccer Betting Legal in Canada?

    Yes, betting on soccer is perfectly legal in Canada. Online betting is also legal, although there are differences among provinces regarding the extent to which they’re regulated.

    For example, in Ontario, both the government-owned and private operators are legal, so long as they have an iGaming Ontario license.

    Meanwhile, while many of those same operators are available elsewhere in Canada, provinces like Alberta and Quebec only deem government-owned sportsbooks legal.

    Betting on soccer with private operators can’t get you in trouble, but the province isn’t responsible for any issues you might encounter.

    That’s why we recommend those from provinces outside Ontario opt for sportsbooks licensed via iGO.

    You can take your pick from our recommended sportsbooks, as they’ve all acquired the iGO license.

    How to Place Smart Soccer Bets

    Anyone can bet on soccer. You visit an online betting site, you place your bet, and you wait. But to bet smart, you need to master a couple of things first.

    Learn What Influences the Result of a Soccer Match

    First, you need to know a bit (or, ideally, a lot!) about soccer.

    Understanding not only the rules of the game but what influences outcomes as well is a must.

    For one, if you’re an avid soccer fan, you’ll know that the players’ form and injuries can easily decide the game.

    To understand the form of each player, you’ll need to look back at their recent results, such as number of goals and assists.

    Learn about the best soccer leagues to bet on goals!

    Players’ form

    Still, keep in mind that having the team’s top player away due to injury is not the same as missing a player who regularly “warms the bench”.

    Whether they play at home or away can influence some teams as well, especially if a dedicated fanbase is something they’re known for.

    Next, you’ll want to stay in the know about soccer transfers.

    If the team’s top scorer leaves mid-season, the fact that the team won The Double last year fades in comparison.

    The same thing applies to changing a coach.

    Players need time to rest!

    Even a seemingly small thing such as the date of the team’s previous match can be a decisive factor.

    Understanding and Comparing Soccer Odds

    The odds of a soccer game tell you two things:

    • How likely an outcome is, and
    • How much money you stand to win by guessing it correctly.

    When you’re betting on soccer (or any other sport for that matter) just keep in mind that linemakers always factor vigorish into odds.

    A portion of each wager is going to them — that’s how they make their profit.

    That is one of the reasons you’ll find different odds across different online betting websites, as some bookmakers take a higher “cut” than others.

    In that case, the odds offered will be lower, and so will your potential payout.

    There are several ways of writing odds. However, decimal odds make it easy to calculate payouts, so we’ll work with those.

    Simply take the odds and multiply them by the amount you wagered. Let’s look at an example:

    NY RedbullsDrawCharlotte FC
    NY Redbulls vs Charlotte FC

    When it comes to both the favourite and the underdog, Betano is the best choice. Meanwhile, bet365 has the best odds for the draw option.

    If you bet $100 on the underdog at all three sportsbooks, here’s how much you stand to get:

    • Betano – 4.85x$100 = $485
    • Bet99 – 4.35x$100 = $435
    • bet365 – 4.50x$100 = $450

    When you subtract the original wager, your winnings are, respectively, $385, $335, and $350.

    Therefore, for the same match, you could get $50 more if you bet at Betano, than by betting at Bet99.

    But it’s not all that straightforward. You’ll often see differing odds for different matches and competitions.

    good to know!

    The smartest thing to do is to carefully check multiple betting sites before placing your bets.

    Now, part of the reason odds aren’t the same everywhere lies in the bookmakers’ understanding of all that goes into winning a soccer match.

    And that’s where value comes in.

    The value of a bet essentially means that you’re playing better odds than is realistic.

    If you’re betting on MLS’ biggest rivalry match, Seattle Sounders vs Portland Timbers, dozens of soccer specialists and enthusiasts will be looking into their chances, carefully crafting the odds.

    But if you opt for, say, the third Spanish league, not many will be looking into it with so much vigor.

    With enough knowledge and dedication, you could spot an underdog who isn’t that much of an underdog, place a bet on high odds, and win back some decent money.

    Here’s an example from Japanese J3 league. At Betano, the odds for Ehime FC to get a tie against Nara Club are 2.95.

    For the same game and the same bet, Bet99 has odds of 3.20. If you wager $100 and get the tie correct, you could win $25 more.

    Value Bets

    By following certain teams closely, you’ll be able to spot the best odds and improve your chances of winning.



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