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Where to Play Crash Games/Aviator in Canada

Cover image for post Crash Gambling
Crash Gambling
Where to Play Crash Games/Aviator in Canada

Are you looking for crash games but do not know where to play? You are in the right place

We considered 9+ casinos, including Bet365, PlayOJO, Bet99, Leovegas, Royal Panda, Jackpot City, Sports Interaction, Bwin, etc. However, we found crash games mainly on Bwin, PlayOJO, and Leovegas, as others did not have more than 1-2 games.

So here’s comparing our top picks to help you choose the right casino based on your needs.

Let’s jump straight to it.

#1: bwin (Most Variety)


41 Crash Games

Most Payment Modes

Easy to Find Crash Games

Guides to Help Newbies


No Demos

If you are looking for variety, bwin has the most crash games, with 41 games to choose from.

But it’s not just the sheer number; there are different types of games as well. For example, if you are a soccer fan, you can play Kick It Multiplayer, Penalty Champions, etc.

For the NHL lovers, there’s Shootout Champions. Furthermore, we also found popular crash games FlyX, Aviator, and Big Bass Crash, along with other varieties like Spaceman, Mines, etc. (there’s something for everyone).

We also saw that bwin has a special category in its casino for crash games, making it user-friendly for crash lovers. This makes it easier for users to find all crash games in one place.

Crash Game category on Bwin
Crash Game category on Bwin

On most other casinos, like Bet99, PlayOJO, bet365, Sports Interaction, etc., finding crash games was a bit time-consuming. We had to type crash or aviator to find games, as there was no categorization.

Upon scrolling down on the category page, you’ll also find a small guide on what crash games are and how to play them. If you are new to these games, this simple guide is detailed enough to get you started.

A small guide on how crash games work.
A small guide on how crash games work.

Furthermore, they also explain the different types of crash games, like Mines, Plinko, Keno, etc. While the idea is the same, each game looks and plays differently, and this helps you understand those mechanics better.

A guide to popular crash games and how differ.
It says the UK, but these are equally popular elsewhere as well.

For example, JetX has a jet that flies as the multiplier increases and you have to cash out before it crashes.

In Mines, you need to navigate past a field of mines with rewards increasing for all the safe spaces you discover (very similar to Minesweeper).

If you love any of these crash games and want to come back to play them later, there’s an option to mark them as favourites as well, thus helping you skip past the crowd and jump straight to your preferred games.

All you need to do is click the ‘heart’ icon in the top right-hand corner of the games.

Make games favourite on bwin
Click on the ‘heart’ icon to mark games as favourites.

To top it all off, bwin also has the most payment options we encountered in Canada, making it easier to deposit and withdraw as you prefer.

In addition to Interac, Visa, MasterCard, etc., there are also e-wallets, Paysafecards, NeoSurf, and so on (20+ modes in total).

The one thing we would have really appreciated is if bwin allowed users to play a demo or two before they start playing for real money (just to ensure a new user is accustomed to how it looks, feels, and works).

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Choose from 41 Crash Games on bwin


#2: PlayOJO


Big Bass Crash Demo Available

No Minimum Withdrawal Limit

Get Additional Info on Games

Get Rewarded With OJOPlus


No Guides on How to Play

Fewer Games

No Crash Games Category

While PlayOJO does not offer the variety we found on bwin or Leovegas, it is the only casino that allows you to play a demo and test the game before you play it.

PlayOJO shows option to Try Game
Click on ‘Try for Free’ to play the Demo.

The best part was that we didn’t even need to create an account or sign in to play the demo. The game available as a demo is the popular Big Bass Crash by Pragmatic Play.

Big Bass Crash Demo on PlayOJO
Us trying out the Big Bass Crash game demo on PlayOJO.

The demo experience was exactly like playing for real money. We had the option to set up auto cash out when the multiplier reached a certain amount. Plus, there’s a 50% cashout option that helps minimize risk.

Expert Quote
About Author
Dennis has been honing his craft by writing content specifically tailored to the US and Canadian market for the last 3 years. This helps him recognize the preferences of the audience and adeptly create engaging and informative articles, reviews, and guides that resonate with the readers. He uses his experience reviewing tech products to test out various betting platforms and fact-check claims so you make informed decisions.

If you are new and want to lower your risk, you can set these auto cashout options to as low as 1.01x

However, do remember that the faster you cash out, the lower your winnings.

While this is the only demo available, there are four other crash games available for users after they create an account and verify their profiles:

  • Crashout Fireworks
  • Crasher
  • Crash
  • Aviator

As we mentioned, PlayOJO offers fewer options. Plus, it does not have a Crash Games category like bwin. This means you will have to search for the games using the search bar.

However, PlayOJO has one thing that bwin does not: It gives you details about the games. Click on the info box, and you can see details like min and max bets, player ratings, biggest win, etc.

Find additional info about each game on PlayOJO.
Find additional info about each game on PlayOJO.

You’ll also see the OJOPlus payout. This is PlayOJO’s rewards system, where you get a certain amount of money every time you play a game. You can use this for wagers or withdraw it; hence, the higher the percentage, the better.

These details can help you make informed choices about crash games or other games. For example, let’s compare Big Bass Crash with Crasher on PlayOJO.

CrasherBig Bass Crash
OJOPlus Payout0.01%0.60%
Min Bet$ 0.1$ 0.1
Max Bet$100$100
Max Win$ 10,000$ 250,000
Biggest Win$ 0.00$ 278.00
RatingsNo Reviews4/5
Played in Last 6 Hrs1103

As you can see, Big Bass Crash is a clear favourite. It not only gives you a better OJOPlus Cashout but also has a higher max win amount and better ratings.

Furthermore, PlayOJO also has a no-minimum withdrawal limit policy, allowing you to withdraw winnings however small they may be.

Plus, you can deposit and withdraw via popular payment modes like Interac, MuchBetter, Paysafecard, Visa/MasterCard, etc. (not as many as bwin, but good enough options to choose from).

To top it all off, our overall experience with PlayOJO has been good. They also have the highest number of slots, a good number of blackjacks, roulettes, and table games, and filters to find games by provider.

This gives you plenty of other games to try out while making the interface user-friendly.

PlayOJO Canada Review — Is PlayOJO Legit?

Try the Big Bass Crash demo on PlayOJO.


#3: Leovegas


25 Crash Games

Crash Category to Find Games Easily

Guides to Help Newbies

Exclusive Games


No Demos Without Signing Up

Leovegas has the second-biggest catalogue of Crash Games we encountered during our testing, with 25 games.

Again, there is a good variety, with games ranging from mine and soccer-related games to big bass crashes, JetX, FlyX, etc.

Finding these games is also easy, as you will find a category for Crash and Mine Games in the casino section.

Leovegas Crash Game Category
Leovegas also has a crash game category

Furthermore, Leovegas has a few exclusive Mine and plinko games you can try out.

Exclusive Mine and Plinko Games on Leovegas
Exclusive Mine and Plinko Games on Leovegas

One of the biggest benefits of playing the Leovegas mines is the Treasure Boost, which increases your chances of grabbing multiplier coins and getting bigger rewards.

Expert Quote
About Author
Dennis has been honing his craft by writing content specifically tailored to the US and Canadian market for the last 3 years. This helps him recognize the preferences of the audience and adeptly create engaging and informative articles, reviews, and guides that resonate with the readers. He uses his experience reviewing tech products to test out various betting platforms and fact-check claims so you make informed decisions.

Note, this is only available at certain bet range and mine combos. Keep an eye out for a little dice on the screen.

Furthermore, their category page also has a guide on crash games when you scroll below, similar to that on bwin. However, it is more detailed here.

They not only cover what crash games are, how to play them, and the popular crash games but also details about the pros and cons, details about their exclusive mines, how they work, how to choose the right games, etc.

They also offer a wide range of payment modes, including Visa/MasterCard, MuchBetter, Interac, InstaDebit, and NeoSurf, making deposits and withdrawals easier.

On the downside, there are no demos available unless you register and log in. This is better than not having any demos. However, getting to try out games before having to create and verify an account is a plus.

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Enjoy exclusive mine crash game on Leovegas with greater rewards.


19+. Gambling can be addictive. Please play responsibly.

#4: Betway


7 Crash Games

Crash Category to Find Games Easily

1 Exclusive Game


No Demos

Lack of Variety

Betway has 7 crash games. However, the variety was lacking when compared to Bwin or Leovegas. For example, there’s no soccer or NHL-themed crash game.

There are also no Spaceman, Mine or Plinko games. Their focus mainly seems to be on providing the more popular games, such as Mars and Beyond, Aviator, FlyX, and Crashout Fireworks.

You’ll also find a FlyX-exclusive game. This was one of our favourites, and we are sure you’ll love it too. Not only is it unique, but also gives you the chance to win up to 12,000x.

Finding any of these games is also easy since Betway also categorizes Crash Games.

They also have info boxes on each game. For example, when we clicked on the Aviator info box, it told us about how to play and the RTP (97% in this case).

Info like RTP and how to play the game.
Info includes RTP and how to play the game.

However, we only found this info box working for Aviator. For other games, the info area was blank. Either it wasn’t added, or it was a bug at our end (we’ll check it again from our end and update if there’s anything).

However, if you happen to visit Betway, drop a comment if you could find info like RTP for other crash games.

They also don’t have any demos for crash games.

Betway Canada: How Does It Compare? (2024 Review)

All in all, Betway is a good alternative if you cannot access any of the above casinos or if Betway is your preferred sportsbook and casino


However, if you are here to play only crash games, there are better options above.

What is a Casino Crash Game?

Crash games (also known as aviator games) are called that for a reason.

Imagine you’re watching a plane take off, and as it gains altitude, your potential winnings rise.

The multipliers keep growing until one point when the plane simply crashes, along with your potential gains.

The catch, of course, is that you can’t know when the plane is going to crash. It could be after 1, 5, or 15 seconds.

LeoVegas Skyliner crash game
LeoVegas Skyliner crash game

The multiplier tends to rise very slowly in the beginning, and faster the longer the game lasts, which adds to the excitement.

What you’re looking at looks a lot like a stock exchange market, and just like that one, it could crash at any point.

Wondering how you can play this game in a smart way anyway? Setting up rules for yourself will ensure you either win money or, at least, don’t end up losing more money than you intended.

Auto-Cashout Option

This is a somewhat risky strategy on its own, but if you make sure to combine it with the other one we’ll mention, it can turn out to be profitable.

Essentially, you choose at what multiplier value you’re pulling out.

Yes, it’s that easy, but as we already mentioned, you can’t know when the game will crash, and that may happen before you reach the multiplier you’ve set as your auto-cashout value.

This gives you two options:

  • Choose a fairly low multiplier, such as 1.5. As soon as it hits, you stop the game and take your winnings. They may not be large, but you’re likely to win more often than by going for the second option.
  • Another option is to go for a high multiplier, such as 5x or even 10x. Prepare to lose a lot of games, and there’s no guarantee you’ll even win at all. But if you do, you’ll be winning a lot more in one go than with strategy #1.

Set Up Limits

As we said, just chasing multipliers as your only strategy isn’t a smart idea because — what’s to stop you from playing 100 games chasing that one 10x win?

That’s why deciding when you’re done for the day is incredibly important. Have a limit on both wins and losses, as well as how much you’re willing to wager that day.

Can You Predict the Outcome of a Crash Game?

Unfortunately, while you can be smart with your money in terms of how much you wager and when to stop, the experts at Crash Gambler concluded that there is no shortcut to predict the outcome of a crash game.

They evaluated the algorithms and came to the conclusion it is 100% based on chance, with an algorithm picking a random number between 1 and 1,000,000 each time, determining when the multiplier will reach its peak.

So, our advice is to always focus on your bankroll management and not on trying to predict the outcome of the next crash game.

Is Crash Gambling Profitable?

Crash gambling is an exciting type of game with very high possible winnings. But let’s be real, so are jackpots, and you don’t see people getting rich on them every day.

Still, you can realistically win playing crash games, as they have a very low house edge of only 1%. So if you play them smart, there is a decent chance of you winning money off of them.

What are the Odds of Crash Games?

At RTP of 97-99%, the odds of crash games are very similar to those of regular slots.


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