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Crash Gambling in Canada: What is It and Where to Play?

Cover image for post Crash Gambling
Crash Gambling
Crash Gambling in Canada: What is It and Where to Play?

Casino crash games are gaining players all over the world, and it seems like they may be getting popular in Canada as well.

But what exactly are these games and how do they work? Are they even profitable?

We’ve devised a thorough guide to answer all those questions for you.

Is Crash Gambling Legit?

Yes, crash gambling is a legit form of gambling. Crash games are legit and legal to play in Canada. They’re a fun and safe option so long as you opt for playing them at legal and regulated casinos.

What is a Casino Crash Game?

Crash games (also known as aviator games) are called that for a reason.

premise of a crash game

Imagine you’re watching a plane take off, and as it gains altitude, your potential winnings rise.

The multipliers keep growing until one point when the plane simply crashes, along with your potential gains.

The catch, of course, is that you can’t know when the plane is going to crash. It could be after 1, 5, or 15 seconds.

LeoVegas Skyliner crash game
LeoVegas Skyliner crash game

The multiplier tends to rise very slowly in the beginning, and faster the longer the game lasts, which adds to the excitement.

What you’re looking at looks a lot like a stock exchange market, and just like that one, it could crash at any point.

How do You Play Crash Games?

To play crash games at most Canadian casinos, you need to be located outside of Ontario.

This is because crash casinos usually accept crypto payment methods, which aren’t regulated for Ontarian casinos.

More and more casinos in Canada are offering crash games. Betano, bet365, and Betway are among them, but there are indications that other casinos, namely Rivalry, may follow suit.

For the time being, these brands tend to offer just a couple of crash games in Canada. For example, Betano offers three:

  • Spaceman
  • Cash plane x5000
  • Betano FlyX (which for now is only available in Ontario).

However, there are exceptions with dozens of games to choose from!

For example, Betsafe Ontario has 12 crash games, but they’re available for Ontarians only.

Meanwhile, PlayOJO offers a wider variety for both Ontarians and those elsewhere in Canada.

GameProviderAvailability in Ontario
Cash ItPlaytechYes
Cash Plane x5000PlaytechYes
Champion TalesFBMDSNo
Circus LaunchPlaytechYes
Crashout Firework1×2 NetworkNo
Deep RushKalambaNo
FlyXGames GlobalYes
Jet Lucky 2Gaming CorpsNo
Maverick1×2 NetworkNo
Maverick X1×2 NetworkNo
Ramen PuzzleGaming CorpsNo
Shootout ChampionGaming CorpsNo
SkylinerGaming CorpsNo
Space XYBG GamingNo
Stormy WitchGaming CorpsNo
The Incredible Balloon MachineGames GlobalYes
To Mars and BeyondGaming CorpsNo

To play them, simply register at the sportsbook, place a deposit, and find “crash games” in the menu on the left.

Betsafe crash games
Betsafe crash games

Now, we’ll explain how to play Evolution’s famous Cash or Crash game at Betway.

This is a specific live casino crash game in which differently coloured balls are being drawn.

Depending on the colour of the ball, you either climb up higher on the paytable or crash. Another specific thing about this game is that you’re shown the chances of a red ball (the one you crash with) being drawn.

To play this exciting game, you need to:

  • Register at the website and place a deposit.
  • Find Betway’s live casino section.
  • Then, enter “Cash or Crash” in the search bar and start playing!

Here’s how you can start playing at LeoVegas:

  1. Visit the LeoVegas casino page.
  2. Click on “Crash & Mine Games”.
  3. Choose the game you want to play, and play smart!
LeoVegas crash & mine games
LeoVegas crash & mine games

Some of the most exciting crash games at LeoVegas we’ve tried include Spaceman and To Mars and Beyond, but the list also includes Jet Lucky 2 and Skyliner available in Ontario, and Aviator, JetX, Skyliner, and Jet Lucky 2 available in the rest of Canada.

What is a Good Crash Gambling Strategy?

Wondering how you can play this game in a smart way anyway? By setting up rules for yourself, which will ensure you either win money, or in the least don’t end up losing more money than you intended.

Auto-Cashout Option

This is a somewhat risky strategy on its own, but if you make sure to combine it with the other one we’ll mention, it can turn out to be profitable.

multiplier values

Essentially, you choose at what multiplier value you’re pulling out.

Yes, it’s that easy, but as we already mentioned, you can’t know when the game will crash, and that may happen before you reach the multiplier you’ve set as your auto-cashout value.

This gives you two options:

  • Choose a fairly low multiplier, such as 1.5. As soon as it hits, you stop the game and take your winnings. They may not be large, but you’re likely to win more often than by going for the second option.
  • Another option is to go for a high multiplier, such as 5x, or even 10x. Prepare to lose a lot of games, and there’s no guarantee you’ll even win at all. But if you do, you’ll be winning a lot more in one go than with strategy #1.

Set Up Limits

As we said, just chasing multipliers as your only strategy isn’t a smart idea, because — what’s to stop you from playing 100 games chasing that one 10x win?

That’s why deciding on when you’re done for the day is incredibly important. Have a limit on both wins and losses, as well as how much you’re willing to wager that day.

Can You Predict the Outcome of a Crash Game?

Unfortunately, while you can be smart with your money in terms of how much you wager and when to stop, the experts at crashgambler.io concluded that there is no shortcut to predict the outcome of a crash game.

They evaluated the algorithms and came to the conclusion it is 100% based on chance, with an algorithm picking a random number between 1 and 1,000,000 each time, determining when the multiplier will reach its peak.

So our advice is to always focus on your bankroll management, and not on trying to predict the outcome of the next crash game.

Is Crash Gambling Profitable?

Crash gambling is an exciting type of game with very high possible winnings. But let’s be real, so are jackpots, and you don’t see people getting rich on them every day.

Still, you can realistically win playing crash games, as they have a very low house edge of only 1%. So if you play them smart, there is a decent chance of you winning money off of them.

What are the Odds of Crash Games?

At RTP of 97-99%, the odds of crash games are very similar to those of regular slots.

Where Can I Find Crash Gambling?

When it comes to legal casinos in Canada, crash games are becoming more popular by the day. While until recently, only two casinos offered them, now you can find them at several, including PlayOJO and LeoVegas.

We’ll be sure to update you as soon as crash games become available elsewhere!



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