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Best Payout Online Casino Canada | Highest & Fastest Payouts

Best Payout Online Casino Canada | Highest & Fastest Payouts

When we talk about casinos’ payouts, we’re actually discussing RTP — Return to Player. In short, RTP is the percentage the casino pays back to players for every game played, over a prolonged period of time.

what’s a good RTP?

While the average RTP for different casino games can range from as low as 90% to as high as 99%, most casinos’ overall RTP tends to fall somewhere in the middle.

But while 95.5% or 96.5% doesn’t sound like that big of a difference, the more you win, the bigger the gap becomes.

To some players, this may sound like a hoax. After all, if you should be winning $96 per every $100 you wager, well… why aren’t you?

Because this is an average over a prolonged period of time that takes into account every single player. So, both those who won thousands of dollars, and those who won nothing will be in the mix.

With that out of the way, let’s look into the RTP you should be searching for.

When you’re choosing which casino to play at, apart from reputation, safety, and a wide variety of games offered, you should also be looking for an RTP of at least 95-96%.

In the industry, this is considered the average, and something you shouldn’t go below.

be careful!

You’ll hardly find a casino with RTP much higher than 97%. If there’s a casino claiming their payout is that high, be sure to double check it’s legal and safe.

All of the casinos we recommend have an RTP between 95% and 97%. The table below will give you the exact numbers, but we suggest you keep on reading this guide till the end.

You’ll find out some other important factors to pay attention to when deciding which casino to play at.

Sports Interaction97.65%
Spin Casino97.10%
Casinos’ RTP compared

As you can see, Sports Interaction has the highest RTP, but Spin Casino is close behind.

As we already mentioned, casino games’ RTP tends to vary between 90% and 99%.

We will cover three of the most often played games. If you wish to know more, there’s an extensive guide we did on this topic alone.

  • Slots. While slots are the all-time favourite of casino players, their RTP can be as low as 90%. An average is anywhere from 90%-96%, and playing at those that are at least 95% is advisable.
  • European roulette. This specific variation of roulette is the most favourable, with an RTP of 97.30%.
  • Blackjack. Finally, the casino game with the highest RTP is blackjack, averaging 99%!

While the payout rate plays a big role in choosing the casino you’ll play at, the number of withdrawal methods and the speed with which those payouts are sent out can be just as important.

To help you get a better overview of which casinos have what you need, we’ve compared them against the number of withdrawal methods and withdrawal times.

If you want to know more about these casinos’ payment methods, here’s a quick overview.

CasinoWithdrawal MethodsWithdrawal Time
Sports Interaction11Up to 72 hours
Betway10Up to 72 hours
bwin124h-7 days (up to 20 days for checks)
888Casino72-8 days
BetVictor81-5 Days
LeoVegas51-7 days
PlayOJO1048h on average
Spin Casino113-6 days
Best payout casinos in Canada compared


Sports Interaction has by far the highest RTP of 97.65%. Spin Casino is fairly close at 97.10%.

The casinos that offer the highest payouts are Sports Interaction, Spin Casino, and PlayOJO.

While all of the casinos we recommend make it very easy to withdraw your money, the one with the greatest number of withdrawal methods and the shortest withdrawal time is Sports Interaction.


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