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Roulette Casinos in Canada | Play Roulette for Real Money

Cover image for post Online Roulette
Online Roulette
Roulette Casinos in Canada | Play Roulette for Real Money

Roulette is one of the classics at casinos, and it’s as popular as ever online, thanks to its relatively simple but thrilling gameplay.

Read this guide to discover the recommended roulette casinos in Canada, how to play roulette, and tips and tricks to improve your roulette betting strategy!

Top Roulette Casinos in Canada for 2023

What the Best Roulette Casinos Offer

Why did we pick these roulette casinos over other casinos that offer roulette? We keep in mind the following main factors:

Roulette Variation

Our recommended roulette casinos all offer dozens of roulette games to play, including live dealer roulette.

This ensures you have all the options you may want when choosing a roulette game to play.

Safety and Licensing

What’s the point of playing online roulette if you’re going to worry about getting scammed?

That’s why we make sure that the list of roulette casinos includes only those which are licensed, reputable, and safe for Canadians.

Payment Methods

Canadian players should get a range of payment methods that suit their needs. We look out for roulette casinos that offer Interac, ecoPayz, iDebit, Bitcoin, and more!

We’ve established where you can play online roulette in Canada, but how does online roulette work?

For starters, there are two types of online roulette gameplay.

You can either try roulette games for free or play roulette for real money. Which is the best option for you? Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of each option.

Pros and Cons of Free Roulette


Play Without Money Commitment

Practice to Improve Your Betting Strategy

Test Different Roulette Varieties


Cannot Win Real Money

Limited Games Available

Cannot Claim Casino Bonuses

Live Dealer Roulette Not Available

Pros and Cons of Real Money Roulette


Can Win Real Money with Every Bet

Can Claim Promotions and Bonuses

Can Play Live Dealer Roulette


Can Lose Real Money

As you can see from the above summary, the decision really depends on your personal preference and whether you want to have the possibility to win money.

If you’re a beginner roulette player, we recommend you start with some free play before depositing real money.

The concept of the roulette game is simple. You have a wheel with numbered pockets, and you have to predict which number a ball will land on when you spin the wheel.

Roulette Table
Roulette Bets

If you guess correctly, you win the bet. Let’s take a look at the different bets you can place at the roulette wheel, which are split into two main categories: outside and inside bets.

Inside Bets

Inside bets tend to have a lower chance of winning, but bigger payouts.

  • Straight Up Bet

A bet on one single number on the board.

Payout: 35 to 1

  • Split Bet

A bet on two numbers at the same time, by placing a chip on the dividing line between the two numbers.

Payout: 17 to 1

  • Street / Trio Bet

A bet on all three numbers in a row by placing a chip on the outer edge of the number at either end of the line.

Payout: 11 to 1

  • Corner Bet

A bet on four numbers at the same time by placing a chip on the common corner between the four numbers.

Payout: 8 to 1

  • Line Bet

A bet on two neighbouring streets and you win if the ball lands on any of the six numbers selected.

Payout: 5 to 1

Outside Bets

Outside bets come with smaller payouts, but far better chances of winning.

  • Red/Black

A bet on whether the ball will land on a red or a black number.

Payout: 1 to 1

  • Even/Odd

A bet on whether the ball will land on an even or odd number.

Payout: 1 to 1

  • High/Low

A bet on whether the ball will land on numbers 1 -18 (low) or 19-36 (high).

Payout: 1 to 1

  • Column

A bet on one of the column of numbers.

Payout: 2 to 1

  • Dozen

A bet on one of the three groups of consecutive numbers.

Payout: 2 to 1

So, which of these bets should you choose when you’re playing at roulette sites?

Top Tip!

If you want to play it safe, we suggest you stick to the outside bets, which have better odds. If you like the thrill of riskier gameplay, inside bets can offer big payouts.

You will find a lot of roulette varieties at roulette casinos, but there are three main variants that we’re going to explain in more detail:

European Roulette

  • Always numbered from 1 to 36.
  • Half of the houses are red and the rest are black.
  • The 37th place is a zero , usually marked in green and white.
  • This zero lowers your chances of hitting either black or red.
  • The colours of numbers between 1 and 36 alternate between black and red.

European roulette is one of the most popular variants thanks to its relatively low house edge of 2.7%.

American Roulette

American roulette is similar to European roulette, with one crucial difference.

In addition to pocket 0, it has a 38th pocket that corresponds to OO.

American Roulette 00
American Roulette’s Extra 00

With this, the advantage of the casino over you is greater, as there are now two “null” spaces in favour of the house.

This might not seem like a big deal, but that extra space brings the house edge up from 2.7 to 5.26%!

Is European Roulette Better than American Roulette?

With that increase in house edge in mind, we definitely recommend European roulette over American roulette.

This is because in the long term, the frequency in payout can be huge.

French Roulette

French roulette can be a bit more complicated for beginner roulette players. Unlike American and European roulette, French roulette does not have a different board. Instead, French roulette has a couple of extra rules:

  • La Partage – Players betting on an even money bet will receive half their stake back if the ball lands on zero.
  • En Prison – This rule replaces La Partage and means that the player’s half is left on the table for the next bet instead of it being returned.
Top Tip!

Although it is slightly more complex, these rules can lower the house edge to just 1.35%, which makes it worth your while!

We’ve looked at different variants of roulette, but there is one main category we have yet to explore. That’s live dealer roulette!

Live dealer roulette is roulette that is played at a land-based casino with a dealer and live-streamed to your screen.

This is the perfect way to experience the thrill of a live casino from the comfort of your home, and there are plenty of roulette variants you can enjoy!

Bodog Live Roulette Variants
Play Live Roulette at Bodog Casino

Like all other forms of gambling such as online slots, playing roulette is partly dependent on luck.

However, there are a few things to keep in mind that can help you gain an edge over other players.

Play Roulette for Free

Although real money roulette is what will get you winnings, playing roulette for free is not something to be dismissed! It is a good way to test some betting strategies like the Martingale and refine your game skills before committing any money.

A lot of online casinos we recommend allow you to play a free version of roulette, and there are also free roulette sites that you can use.

Play European Roulette

As mentioned earlier, European roulette differs from American roulette in one main way. Its house edge of 2.7% is significantly lower than American Roulette’s 5.26%. (If you’re looking for the lowest house edge, baccarat is the best choice.)

This means that you can get better value for money with European roulette, so we always suggest you stick to that. Of course, there are other roulette variants to consider but European roulette tends to have one of the lowest house edges and simple gameplays.

Don’t Get Attached to a Particular Bet

A lot of roulette players can get superstitious and stick to one particular bet at all costs.

This is never a good move to make. Instead, use your logic and pick the bet with the best odds, and always adjust your betting strategy as the game unfolds.



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