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NHL Betting Sites in Canada - The Ultimate Guide

NHL Betting Sites in Canada – The Ultimate Guide

Think of one sport.

If you’re a Canadian, one of the first sports to pop in your head is probably ice hockey!

Ice hockey, and the NHL in particular, attracts thousands of fans and bettors every year.

But how do you bet on the NHL and which betting site should you choose?

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!

In this guide, we’ll walk you through our recommended NHL betting sites, popular NHL bets, and other hockey tips to keep in mind!

Where Can I Bet on the NHL in Canada?

Unsure which of these NHL sportsbooks to choose? Let’s look at them one by one.


There’s a reason why Bet365 is possibly the most popular sportsbook in Canada. It has a stellar performance for most sports markets.

Its hockey section is not an exception, with a lot of hockey leagues to choose from.

Bet365’s hockey focus is on the NHL, but it also offers a lot of options for Swedish, Russian, and international leagues.

Bet365’s Hockey Promotion

Bettors betting on the NHL and the KHL can enjoy a hockey early payout offer if the team you back goes 3 goals ahead.

bet365 icehockey early payout offer

At Bet365, you can also enjoy HD live streaming and an excellent downloadable app to place your bets wherever you are.


This NHL betting site is one of our top picks thanks to its ongoing NHL promotions like ‘NHL You Lead, You Win’ and ‘NHL First Goal Wins’.

Betway NHL Promo
One of Betway’s NHL Promos

It also has several NHL betting options that include a lot of game and player prop bets.

Betway also offers betting options for other hockey leagues like the AHL, MHL, and VHL.

The WHL deserves special mention because Betway is one of the few Canadian sportsbooks that has WHL betting markets available.


Unlike the majority of NHL betting sites, Bodog does not offer NHL-specific promotions.

Its strong point is the wide range of betting options for NHL games, with an average of 52 betting options per NHL game.

We also like Bodog’s handy H2H comparison which gives team stats for every game. It definitely helps you analyze some data before making your final decision.

Bodog NHL H2H Comparison
Bodog’s H2H Comparison

Sports Interaction

With this sportsbook focusing solely on Canadian bettors, there’s no doubt that NHL features heavily at the sportsbook’s betting options.

Although this betting site is not known for its NHL promos, it does have a good range of betting options for NHL games, that include some game prop bets.

However, do not expect to find player prop bets at this NHL sportsbook.

Similar to Bodog, Sports Interaction offers data and insights on each NHL team in its SIA Insights hub, which help you make more informed decisions.

Apart from the NHL, you’ll find a lot of international hockey leagues available like Russian, Czech, Swedish, and Austrian leagues.


Bet99 finishes up our list of recommendations. Bet99 deserves a spot for its NHL bonus offers, including regular NHL free bets. Also, keep an eye out for authentic NHL jersey giveaways from this brand.

NHL Jersey Giveaway Bet99 (1)
NHL Jersey Giveaways at Bet99

Another thing Bet99 is known for is its selection of player prop bets, for which it has a separate section.

Lastly, Bet99 tends to offer competitive NHL odds, as we’ll see in the following section.

Perhaps the most important feature of any NHL betting site is its odds.

Better odds = more money in your pockets, so we took the time to compare different odds and help you make the best choice.

SportsbookColorado AvalancheVancouver Canucks
Sports Interaction1.632.35
NHL’s COL Avalanche @ VAN Canucks

During our analysis, we found very little variation between NHL odds. This is to be expected for such a popular league where the main bets would be constantly analyzed and updated.

Therefore, while in this particular instance, Sports Interaction was the best sportsbook for the favourite, and Bet365 and Bet99 for the underdog, you won’t find as much variation as more obscure leagues and sports.

The good news for that is that you can safely pick any of our recommended NHL betting sites without worrying too much about the odds!

Not sure which betting option to use for the NHL? The following section gives an overview of the most popular NHL bets!

NHL Moneyline Bet

NHL moneyline bets are bets on which hockey team will win the game. It’s as simple as that!

NHL Detroit Betway Odds
Example of an NHL Moneyline Bet

In the example above, Columbus Blue Jackets are the favourite to win the game, while Detroit Red Wings are the underdog.

If you bet $100 on Detroit, you’ll get a payout of $210, while a $100 bet on Columbus earns you a payout of $176.

Our Recommendation

Since NHL moneyline bets are so easy to understand, we recommend them for beginner bettors.

NHL Puckline Bet

Although more complicated at first glance, pucklines are straightforward bets!

A puckline is the equivalent of point spread betting or handicap betting in other sports.

With a puckline, one team (the underdog) gets 1.5 goals added, while the favourite starts with a disadvantage of 1.5 goals.

The reason is to even the odds of the two teams, which allows the underdog teams to be attractive for bets. Here’s an example:

NHL Example of a Puckline
Example of NHL Puckline

Here, the Detroit Red Wings are the underdogs and are given the 1.5 goal advantage. On the other hand, Columbus Blue Jackets are considered the stronger team and therefore are given a disadvantage.

If you compare it to the above moneyline example, you’ll see the difference in odds.

While Detroit Red Wings’ odds of 2.10 weren’t looking desirable, its implied probability improved drastically with the puckline bet and odds of 1.44!

NHL Total Goals Bet

As the title indicates, this is a bet on whether the number of goals goes over or under a specific amount.

If we use the same example of Red Wings vs. Blue Jackets:

NHL Total Goals
Example of NHL Total Goals

You win the ‘over’ if the total goals exceed 5.5, while you win the ‘under’ when the total goals are below 5.5.

At some NHL betting sites, you’ll also find variations of the total goals bet. Here’s an example from Bet99:

Bet99 NHL Total Bets Alternatives
NHL Total Goals Bet Alternatives

As you can see from the example, the odds are adjusted accordingly for each scenario, depending on its likelihood.

Total Goals Bet
Check out Bet99, which has a selection of Over/Under NHL bets.
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NHL Prop Bets

NHL prop bets can be difficult to explain as they can be so varied in nature.

However, one good way to sum up NHL prop bets is that they don’t depend on the outcome of a game.

NHL player props include bets like:

  • First goalscorer
  • To score 2 or more goals
  • To score 2+ points

While game prop bets have bets like:

  • Highest scoring period
  • Home team to win every period
  • Empty net goal
Top Tip!

Although these bets are more dependent on luck than other bet types, they are also a good opportunity to spot value bets as they are still a small market at sportsbooks.

While our first three bets are common bets that you’ll find at all NHL betting sites, NHL prop bets can be trickier to find.

Great for Prop Bets
Our recommendation is Betway, which has a wide range of both player and game prop bets.
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NHL Live Bets

With a popular league like the NHL, there’s no doubt that you can place live NHL bets while a game is ongoing.

Since there is only a limited time window, live bets are best suited for bettors who already know their way around a sportsbook and have enough knowledge of the sport and teams to bet without further research.

While all sportsbooks offer live betting, some are better than others thanks to the tools they have available.

For instance, we think Bet365 is one of the best options for NHL live betting due to its live streaming option and excellent mobile app.

NHL Live Betting
Try Bet365’s
Start Betting

Alternative Hockey Leagues to Bet On

Although NHL is by far one of the most popular hockey leagues for Canadians, there are other leagues to keep in mind if you want to expand your hockey betting activity.

Let’s take a look at some of the top ones, including international leagues.

Champions Hockey League (CHL)

You won’t find Canada participating in this league, but you’ll see the very best of European ice hockey as it features top teams from the first-tier leagues of countries in Europe.

It’s a yearly event with 32 teams from 13 different countries, and due to its high profile, you’ll find it available at all hockey betting sites.

The 2021-22 dates are from 26th August 2021 to February 2022.

Keep an eye out for Sweden as they’ve won nearly all seasons since this league started.

CHL Betting Site
Take your pick from Betway’s CHL options and compare team stats before betting!
Bet Now

Kontinental Hockey League (KHL)

The KHL is an international ice hockey league founded in 2008 and is considered to be the second strongest hockey league in the world (after the NHL, of course!).

While the majority of players are Russian, you’ll find another 30% of players from different nationalities, including Canada.

The KHL season starts in September and teams are split into two conferences – Western and Eastern. Each conference consists of 12 clubs divided into two groups, and after a total of 62 games, the top 8 teams qualify for the playoffs.

KHL Betting Site
Our recommendation for KHL betting is Bet365, because of its wide selection of betting options on this league.
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Swedish Hockey League (SHL)

The SHL is the highest division in the Swedish ice hockey system and consists of 14 teams in total.

Its regular season is from September to March, while playoffs occur from March to April. This means that there is plenty of activity to keep you occupied with if you bet on this league.

The SHL is not as popular as leagues like the NHL and the KHL, so you’re more likely to find good betting opportunities to profit from.

SHL Betting Site
Bodog averages 25 betting options for every SHL match!
Bet Now


Absolutely! Our list of recommended hockey betting sites offer options for the NHL, but also smaller leagues like the WHL, AHL, and the MHL.

Apart from the provincial lottery sites, you can also bet using international operators like Bet365 and Betway.

There are loads of betting options available in hockey. Some of the more common ones include betting on the winner, total number of goals, and first team to score.

A puckline is type of bet that is a form of spread (or handicap) betting. With a puckline, one team is given an advantage (usually of +1.5 goals) and another team a disadvantage (-1.5 goals) to even the odds.


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