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British Columbia Betting 2022 | BC Betting Sites

British Columbia Betting 2022 | BC Betting Sites

Unsure where to bet in British Columbia?

We have the answer! Our British Columbia betting guide gives you the latest information on betting in the province, as well as a list of recommendations for online casinos and BC betting sites. Let’s get started!

Best British Columbia Sports Betting Sites for 2022

On the 27th of August 2021, the new single-event betting legislation came into force across Canada.

This legislation allows individual provinces to introduce and legal single-event betting as they wish, ending decades of parlay bets as the only option at the provincial lottery sites.

In the case of British Columbia, the province opted to start offering single-event betting on the same day the legislation was rolled out.

Single Bets in BC!

As of the 27th of August 2021, bettors in British Columbia can place single bets at the BCLC’s PlayNow site, which has been expanded to offer more betting markets and options.

Unlike Ontario, BC has not yet expressed an interest in introducing private operators in the market. Therefore, PlayNow will be the only option offered by the province for the foreseeable future.

However, offshore betting sites like Bet365, Betway, Bodog, and Sports Interaction have also remained available and safe options for Canadian bettors to bet at.

Since these sites are not based in Canada, they can offer their services without being regulated by the province.

There are currently two options to choose from when betting online in British Columbia.

  1. You can bet at PlayNow, which is the only betting site managed by the BCLC.
  2. You can use an international betting site like Bet365, Bodog, and Sports Interaction.

Which option is the best one?

PlayNow vs. International Betting Sites

PlayNow has a reputation of offering limited betting markets and promotions and having subpar odds.

However, its recent upgrade has improved some aspects of this BC betting site.

For instance, PlayNow has expanded its sports selection to include single bets, but also add other sports like MMA.

Sports selection at PlayNow

You can find favourites like football, tennis, hockey, and basketball, along with more niche options like eSports, and table tennis.

PlayNow has around 20 sports available, which still does not fully match sites like Bet365 which offers 35+ betting options.

PlayNow Odds vs Other Odds

We also spent some time comparing odds between different sportsbooks. If we look at an example from the NFL:

Jacksonville J.Cincinnati B.
Sports Int.3.821.29
Odds for NFL’s Jacksonville J vs. Cincinnati B.

In this example, PlayNow is the worst option for both the favourite and the underdog.

To quantify it, a $100 bet on the underdog (Jacksonville) at Sports Interaction can give you winnings of $282. The same bet at PlayNow would result in $265 in winnings.

That’s $17 less than what you could have earned with the right odds.

This pattern was consistent with other examples we’ve checked out, which leads us to conclude that PlayNow’s odds are still worse than most other BC betting sites.

PlayNow Alternatives

After reviewing the different options, we feel that the international sites still have an edge over PlayNow and generally offer a superior product.

Here are some PlayNow alternatives if you want to go down this route:


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