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Best CFL Betting Sites | How to Start Betting on CFL

Cover image for post CFL Betting Sites
CFL Betting Sites
Best CFL Betting Sites | How to Start Betting on CFL

Think of CFL as NFL’s younger, often underrated brother. But underrated as it is, Canadians love following their own teams and betting on their own leagues.

That’s why we’ve devised this guide to help you:

  • find the best CFL betting sites
  • learn how to start betting (and on whom!), and
  • understand what often makes CFL a better betting option than NFL.

Let’s kick it off!

What Makes These Websites Good?

We’ve picked and chosen not just any website that lets you bet on CFL, but ones that provide you with:

SafetyAll of these websites have an official iGaming Ontario license, which means they are legal sports betting options in Canada.
Betting marketsBesides letting you bet on the winner of the match, totals, and over/unders, the best CFL sportsbooks provide a variety of additional bets. Most notable are prop bets which are the most interesting and flexible.
OddsEven if you can choose among 100 types of bets, it doesn’t mean much with poor odds. That’s why we went with brands that offer the most competitive ones.
Best CFL betting sites: why we chose them

Let’s start this comparison by stating the obvious: NFL is a far bigger league than CFL, and that makes it far more popular.

When betting on the NFL, you’re likely to find a variety of betting markets, along with more interesting prop bets.

On the flipside, precisely because NFL is so well-known and has such a huge fanbase, all numbers are carefully crafted and the (pardon the pun) odds of finding a value bet aren’t on your side.

That’s what often makes CFL a more profitable league to bet on.

cfl vs nfl

Since it’s a more minor league and fewer experts are weighing in on the odds, you’re more likely to catch some unexpectedly good ones.

If you’re about to place your first CFL wager, we’ll walk you through every step of the way.

  • First, choose which sportsbook you want to bet at. Let’s say you went with Bet99.
  • On the left side, find “Football”
Select 'Football' from the side menu
Select ‘Football’ from the side menu

Select ‘Leagues’ and then select ‘Canada – CFL’

Select 'Leagues' and then choose CFL
Select ‘Leagues’ and then choose CFL
  • Since CFL 2024 hasn’t yet started, only future winner odds are available.
Bet99's CFL 2024 Odds for the Winner
Bet99’s CFL 2024 Odds for the Winner
  • Pick the team you want to wager on and choose the type of bet you want to place.
  • Now, all that’s left to do is choose the amount you want to wager and place your first bet.

Canadians are looking forward to the 2022 Grey Cup on November 20th, but who should they bet on?

winnipeg blue bombers are the favourites

The biggest favourite is the same team that won the competition in 2021 — Winnipeg Blue Bombers.

If you love betting on the lesser favourites and catching better odds, then betting on Toronto Argonauts or B.C. Lions might be a better choice for you.

Keep in mind, though, that Winnipeg Blue Bombers are miles ahead of these two clubs when it comes to chances of winning the cup.

You may know who you want to bet on for the 109th Grey Cup, but do you know which sportsbook tends to offer the most competitive CFL odds?

Here’s a quick comparison of moneyline odds to give you an idea on where you might want to place your bet:

SportsbookToronto ArgonautsWinnipeg Blue Bombers
Sports Interaction2.881.44
CFL Grey Cup moneyline odds comparison

While Betway has by far the best odds for the underdog, Betano has slightly better odds for the underdog. Depending on which team you want to bet on, we suggest you choose one or the other!

If you’re already a fan of CFL and follow the games regularly, you’re in a good spot to be placing smart bets.

If you know which team and player have a winning streak, and which ones are underperforming, you can make some pretty good guesses on how they will do in the next game.

CFL betting tip

Always keep in mind that their overall performance is less important than their recent performance.

But even if you’re not super knowledgeable about every single team and every single player, it shouldn’t stop you from betting on this league.

There are plenty of places where you can check recent numbers. And, as mentioned before, sportsbooks like Betano show you match statistics so you don’t have to look for them elsewhere.

Like we previously mentioned, another important thing when betting on CFL is looking for value bets. Since CFL is a fairly small league, it doesn’t get as many experts talking.

This means you’re more likely to find good opportunities where you wouldn’t expect them, so be sure to shop for odds before opting for a certain sportsbook or betting market!



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