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Jelena Kabić
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Jelena Kabić
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Jelena Kabic is a sports betting writer that focusses on responsible gambling. A psychologist by vocation, Jelena volunteered in a rehab facility, where she worked with gambling addicts. She now reviews all our content to ensure it discusses betting in a socially responsible way.
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Amy Webb
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Amy's introduction to the gambling world was 6 years ago, when she joined a casino operator as a content specialist. Since then, she's helped launch and maintain gambling review sites in over 8 different countries. She's tested dozens of casinos and sportsbooks, which is how she can spot a subpar brand in an instant!
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Soccer Betting Basics: Learn About Bet Types and Tips

Cover image for post Soccer Betting Basics
Soccer Betting Basics
Soccer Betting Basics: Learn About Bet Types and Tips

Betting on soccer is quite popular in Canada, with only basketball having more bets.

In this guide, you’ll learn about popular bet types, which ones are better for novice bettors, what differences there are among the popular leagues, and you’ll learn some betting tips to get you started.

Meet Our Experts

Our soccer content is written by the top soccer names in Canada and wider. They’ve spent years honing their skills and placing numerous bets, and they’re happy to share their inside knowledge with you. Find their top tips below!

Jason Ence
Expert Quote
Jason Ence
About Author
Jason Ence has been giving betting and fantasy advice for nearly a decade, and is extremely familiar with the Premier League, Serie A, and the Champions League. He is a strong advocate for responsible betting and bankroll management, and always recommends utilizing multiple sports books in order to shop for the best lines in order to maximize your bankroll.

Manage your bankroll by staking additional units based on confidence and edges.

Charles Perrin
Expert Quote
Charles Perrin
About Author
Charles has been operating as a freelance sports betting content writer for roughly 5 years. Prior to that, he was the overnight digital sports editor of the Daily Express where he presided over online coverage including breaking news and live blogs as well as boosting traffic levels. He boasts an in-depth knowledge of most sports and is adept at reviewing sportsbook brands in Canada. Away from sports betting content, Charles is a keen tennis player and he is a huge Tottenham Hotspur fan.

Start on basic lines before advancing to more sophisticated betting markets.

Soccer Betting Tips

While each league has its specific betting tips, some of them can be applied no matter what league or competition you bet on.

Play Responsibly.

This is the number one tip we always have. No other tip matters unless you’re making good use of responsible betting tools, you have good bankroll management, and use betting limits.

Know Not All Leagues Are Equal.

Betting on the Bundesliga isn’t the same as betting on, say, Serie A.

good to know

While in the former you can expect a dynamic play with lots of goals, the second is known for its defensive playing style.

This makes late-game twists a lot less realistic, for example.

Ensure you know the ins and outs of each league you’re betting on to improve your odds.

Follow the News.

If you plan to bet on a team that just announced their top player will sit out the next game, you’ll want to know about it beforehand.

Following the news and press conferences before games is crucial to improve your winning chances.

Know the Statistics.

While there are leagues where statistics may not always mean much (such as MLS), for the most part knowing how a team or a player has been performing lately can give you a pretty good idea of what to expect from them in the next game.

There are plenty of websites you can use, such as Soccer Stats.

We also invite you to follow our experts on Twitter, as they often tell you about clubs and players to watch out for!



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