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FIFA World Cup Betting in Canada: Which Site to Bet On?

Cover image for post World Cup Betting Canada
World Cup Betting Canada
FIFA World Cup Betting in Canada: Which Site to Bet On?

The event all soccer fans look forward to once every four years is finally around the corner!

With the World Cup fast coming, many soccer fans are wondering whether they can bet on it in Canada, and if so, where they should be doing it.

Our guide will provide answers to those questions, and give you all the additional info you need to know, such as the types of bets you can choose from.

Best World Cup Betting Sites for Canada

Why We Chose These Websites

There are plenty of soccer betting sites available in Canada, and virtually all of them have the option to bet on World Cup.

But we chose these specific websites for a couple of reasons:

  • Safety.

The websites we recommend are all legal in Ontario. Many of them are also available in other provinces, so all our readers can enjoy betting on World Cup at safe, legal sportsbooks.

  • Betting markets.

You’ll be able to find the outright winner bet on virtually any FIFA betting site, but there are certain websites that offer far more bets.

various types of bets

The best sportsbooks let you bet on the top goalscorer, Golden Ball Winner, how many points Canada will get in the group stage, and much more!

  • Odds.

If you’re betting on the World Cup, you’re likely not just doing it for fun, but for profit as well.

To ensure your potential winnings are satisfactory, we’ve picked and compared the betting sites offering the best World Cup odds.

Best World Cup Betting Apps for Canadians

You now know which sportsbooks are the top ones for the soccer World Cup. But if you’re looking for quick, on-the-go betting, it’s better to opt for one of our recommended betting apps instead.

All of these brands have an iGO license and are perfectly safe to bet at!

Ready to place your first World Cup bet? Follow these few simple steps to learn how:

  • Choose which sportsbook you want to place your bet at.
  • Sign up and place a deposit.
  • Find the World Cup section — sportsbooks like Betano and Bet99 make them easy to find via the side/main menus.
Betano World Cup menu
Betano World Cup menu
Bet99  World Cup menu
Bet99 World Cup menu
  • Choose the game and type of bet you wish to place (more on that in the guide below).
  • All that’s left to do is decide how much you want to wager, and you’re ready to place the bet!

Types of Bets Available

There are so many different bet types when it comes to the World Cup, especially on renowned betting sites.

The most common ones you’ll find are:

  • Outrights (cup winner, Golden Ball winner)
  • Finalists
  • Top goalscorer

But better sportsbooks also have plenty of prop bets to choose from.

World Cup Outrights

The most obvious outrights to bet on are Cup Winner and Golden Ball Winner.

Brazil, France, and Argentina are the top 3 favorites. Let’s see how their odds compare across different sportsbooks:

888Sport5.00 6.507.50
Sports Interaction3.494.725.34
World Cup futures bets comparison

Even if you’re betting on the clear favourite, you can still gain more by betting at certain providers.

By betting $100 on Brazil at 888Sport or bwin, you stand to gain $500 (minus the original wager), compared to $349 at Sports Interaction.

And if you’re betting on Argentina, placing $100 at 888Sport could win you $750-$100=$650.

But while the outright winner is the bet most will be placing, there are other outrights with even higher odds to consider.

Golden Ball Winner

The Golden Ball award goes to the best player of the competition. Not surprisingly, Mbappe is the number one favourite to win it this year.

But Harry Kane isn’t unlikely to win it, either, and by betting $100 on him, you stand to win $1,365!

Sports Interaction Golden Ball odds
Sports Interaction Golden Ball odds

Guess the Finalists

Another bet type worth mentioning is betting on which teams will reach the grand final.

Sports Interaction finalists odds
Sports Interaction finalists odds

Even by betting on the likely finalists, Argentina and France, you’re looking at odds of 19.00 at Sports Interaction, compared to 15.00 on Betway.

World Cup Prop Bets

True soccer fans love betting on all sorts of prop bets. Let’s take a look at the ones available for the 2022 World Cup.

Betway World Cup prop bets
Betway World Cup prop bets
Betway Argentina specials — World Cup
Betway Argentina specials — World Cup

Betway may not have the best odds for the finalists, but it has some decent prop bets to choose from.

However, Sports Interaction takes the cake here.

From Golden glove to the runner up and whether there will be a first time winner, Sports Interaction gives Canadians a chance to bet on virtually anything.

Sports interaction world cup prop bets
Sports interaction world cup prop bets

With Brazil out of the competition, France has the best odds to win the competition. However, Argentina is a close second, with Croatia being the third most likely winner.

Who knew the odds would change so much since the start of the tournament? This just goes to show the importance of keeping track of the current developments so you can place the smartest bet possible.

Whoever you decide to bet on, here’s something thrilling you should know:

live betting

PointsBet will have 130 live betting options per match during the World Cup!

This makes PointsBet a quality FIFA betting site, and one worth visiting.

Sadly, the Canadian team had to say goodbye to the World Cup after the group phase. After playing more than decently against Belgium, they scored their very first World Cup goal against Croatia.

However, none of that was enough to get them into the knockout phase. But let’s be honest: they competed against the two teams that have now reached the semifinals, which was no easy task.

Be all that as it may, Canada is among the several national squads (most notably Morocco, Japan, and Saudi Arabia) that defied the odds and made betting on this competition a lot more interesting.

So as far as FIFA betting in Canada goes, despite the fact that Les Rouges dropped out, there are still plenty of interesting games to bet at!

Below, you can take one final look at the difficulties Canada faced in the World Cup, and the top players it had.

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