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Prop Betting Basics | Best Prop Bets Sportsbooks in Canada

Cover image for post Prop Betting
Prop Betting
Prop Betting Basics | Best Prop Bets Sportsbooks in Canada

Some bettors prefer straightforward bets: moneyline, over/under, totals… While others like asking questions.

For example:

  • Will Nikola Jokić score a certain amount of points in this game?
  • Will Mohammed Salah score the first goal in this match?
  • Is Aaron Judge going to have 2+ home runs?

Your answers to those questions become prop bets.

In this guide, we’ll tell you all about them — what exactly they are, how to place them, and what kind of odds you can expect.

We propose you jump right in!

Prop bets are short for proposition bets. In essence, the sportsbook is proposing that a certain event may take place, and the bettor can either agree or disagree.

Prop bets can focus on players or on the game. They can look something like this:

Player Prop BetGame Prop Bet
Player will have 2+ home runs
Team A will score first
Player will be the first to score
Game will go into overtime
Player will score 2 touchdowns
1st half will have more goals
Quarterback will have 300 passing yardsLast corner of the game is for team B
Player and game prop bets examples

There are plenty of websites that allow you to legally bet on props if you’re in Ontario.

Regarding the other provinces, such as British Columbia or Prince Edward Island, your legal options may be somewhat more limited.

However, many of the offshore operators legal in Ontario are available in other provinces as well.

To show you how betting on props works, we’ll use Betway as an example.

  • First, you’ll need to register at this sportsbook. We have a detailed description of the process in our Betway guide.
  • Next, choose the sport you’re planning to place a prop bet on. Further down, we’ll talk more about which sports are the best options for prop bets. For now, let’s go with soccer prop bets.
Betway sports
Betway sports
  • Then choose the league or competition you want to bet on.
Betway leagues and competitions
Betway leagues and competitions
  • After that, opt for a specific match.
Betway soccer betting
Betway soccer betting
  • Once you take a look at the neat stats at the top of the page, choose one of the many available prop bets!
Betway prop bets
Betway prop bets

You can place prop bets for virtually any sport, but some are better suited for it than others.

prop betting tip!

To have fun prop bets, you need a lot of players and various game options.

In sports like tennis, you can only bet on two players.

But in soccer, basketball, baseball, and football, there are plenty of players and plenty of party tricks to choose from.

Soccer is probably the most popular sport when it comes to prop bets. There are hat tricks, first scorer, yellow cards, red cards, corner kicks…

Plus, you can find soccer prop bets for virtually any game in the most popular leagues.

LeoVegas has an especially wide array of soccer prop betting options.

LeoVegas soccer prop bets
LeoVegas soccer prop bets

Basketball, especially NBA, is another sport great for prop betting. You can bet on the number of points, blocks, dunks, fouls, and even on who will be the rookie of the year!

Other exciting sports for prop betting are baseball and football.

It’s good to keep in mind though, that prop bets for these sports are generally most interesting around big competitions like the Super Bowl.

We did however, find bwin and Betway to have a good number of prop bets for MLB regardless of the time of the year.

Betway MLB prop bets
Betway MLB prop bets

NFL Prop Bets

When it comes to the NFL, some of the popular prop bets include:

  • Player touchdowns
  • Player rushing/passing/receiving yards
  • Team A scores first
  • Team A scores three times unanswered
super bowl prop bets

But prior to the Super Bowl, prop bets become far more interesting.

Super Bowl Prop Bets

Here are some bets you can expect around February:

  • Opening kickoff to be a touchback
  • How long will the National Anthem be?
  • First offensive play of the game
  • Will any quarter be scoreless?
  • Will there be overtime?

How much a prop bet pays depends on the odds for the given event.

good to know!

However, one general rule is that prop bets tend to pay better than the regular moneyline or over/under bets.

While you can fairly easily determine who is the favourite in the game, guessing the result of the first 15 minutes or exactly how many goals there will be is much trickier.

That tends to reflect in odds, and it’s why prop betting is popular with many bettors — it’s easier to find a value bet.

Here are some examples of soccer prop bet odds:

LeoVegas prop betting odds
LeoVegas prop betting odds
Betway soccer prop bets
Betway Liverpool @ Manchester United prop bets

Even when it comes to a top scorer like Mohamed Salah, the more goals you’re betting on, the higher the odds.

Say you wager $50 on him scoring two or more goals. Should that come to pass, you’d be walking away with $50×3.10=$155.

good payout on prop bets

Minus your original $50 wager, that’s a $105 gain.

On select events, you can choose virtually any scorer and place a prop bet on them. The less likely it is for him to score, the higher the odds.

Betway soccer prop bets — goalscorers
Betway Liverpool @ Manchester United prop bets — goalscorers

Here are some MLB prop betting odds on bwin:


Betting on none of the teams scoring 6 or more runs in a White Sox @ Orioles game won’t get you far, as the odds are only 1.04.

But if you bet $20 on Orioles winning by 3, that’s a potential payout of $20×13.50=$270!

  • Know which bets require skill

For example, no skill is needed when betting on a coin toss. You’ll just need to accept that it’s a (roughly) 50/50 chance!

But if you’re betting that, say, Myer Bevan will be the first scorer for Cavalry FC at the next game, that requires skill and catching up with some stats.

  • Start by predicting the overall outcome first.

If Liverpool is meeting Romania’s FCSB in the knockout phase of the Champions League, it’s pretty likely they will win. This also means that:

  • There will probably be no overtime
  • Liverpool is likely to score first
  • A hat trick is possible
  • Liverpool is likely to win the first half as well

Simply by guessing the overall outcome, you can be more confident in placing more granular prop bets.

  • Look for big competitions.

As mentioned previously, the Super Bowl is an excellent competition for prop bets. Likewise, the upcoming FIFA World Cup has some pretty interesting prop bets aligned.

Here’s a sneak peek of what you can find on Betway:

FIFA World Cup prop bets
FIFA World Cup prop bets



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