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The Best NBA Betting Sites for Canada

The Best NBA Betting Sites for Canada

Welcome to our NBA betting guide! On this page, you’ll find everything you need to bet on the NBA in Canada, including a list of the best NBA betting sites.

You can also learn about different NBA bets, reading NBA odds and tips to up your betting game.

Let’s dive right in!

Where Can I Bet on the NBA?

In Canada and not sure where to bet? We’ve compiled a list of reputable online sportsbooks that accept Canadians.

We’ve picked these sites based on their:

  • NBA Betting Options
  • Competitive NBA Odds
  • Bonuses Available
  • Mobile Experience
  • Range of Payment Methods

Once you get the hang of it, reading NBA odds is super easy! We’re going to use a straightforward example:

Milwaukee Bucks vs. Atlanta Hawks how to read odds
Milwaukee Bucks vs. Atlanta Hawks

In this NBA game, Milwaukee Bucks are playing against Atlanta Hawks.

The Milwaukee Bucks have odds of 1.29, while Atlanta Hawks have odds of 3.75.

Let’s say we bet $100 on Atlanta Hawks. With odds of 3.75, we’d win $275 (3.75 x 100) and get a payout of $375.

On the other hand, betting $100 on the Milwaukee Bucks can get us a win of $29 (1.29 x 100), and a payout of $129.

Easy, right?

There are other betting options that might be a bit more complicated, but we’re going to walk you through them in detail on this page.

Also, take note that the example we used is for decimal odds. You can easily change the odds format to American or Fractional on your chosen betting site.

We have a handy guide on reading different types of odds if you want to read about this in more detail!

When you register at a sportsbook, you’ll find various betting options for NBA games. Let’s look at the most common bets you’ll find at NBA betting sites!

Moneyline betting is one of the most straightforward bets, and you essentially bet on which NBA team will win the game. The odds will reflect who is the underdog and the favourite, and the returns you will get.

Our earlier example for Milwaukee Bucks vs. Atlanta Hawks is the perfect illustration of a moneyline bet, but here’s another one to make it as clear as possible:

Los Angeles Clippers vs. Phoenix Suns moneyline bet
Los Angeles Clippers vs. Phoenix Suns

In this example, Los Angeles Clippers are playing against the Phoenix Suns, with odds of 1.94 and 1.87.

We want to make a moneyline bet of $100 that Los Angeles Clippers will win the game. With odds of 1.94, a win would result in a total payout of $194.

On the other hand, a moneyline bet on Phoenix Suns with odds of 1.87 equals to a payout of $187.

Phoenix Suns have slightly lower odds which indicates that they’re the favourites to win the game.

As you can see, this example has odds that are far closer to each other than the game of Milwaukee Bucks vs. Atlanta Hawks, so this game might be more open to both teams taking the win.

Point spread betting takes it a step further than moneyline betting.

With a point spread bet, you will wager on which team will win the game and the points margin by which they’ll win.

Point Spread Betting

In other words, the point spread is the number of points by which the team is expected to win.

Let’s look at a concrete example:

Atlanta H vs. Milwaukee B Point Spread Bet
NBA Point Spread Bet

In this example, Atlanta Hawks are playing against the Milwaukee Bucks.

The +7 next to Atlanta Hawks indicate that Atlanta Hawks is the underdog to win the game, while -7 for Milwaukee Bucks marks them as the favourites.

Let’s say you bet on the Atlanta Hawks.

  1. If the Atlanta Hawks win by any number of points, you win your bet.
  2. If the Atlanta Hawks lose the game by less than 7 points, you win your bet.
  3. If the Atlanta Hawks lose the game by more than 7 points, you lose your bet.

If you bet on the Milwaukee Bucks:

  1. If the Milwaukee Bucks win the game by more than 7 points, you win the bet.
  2. If the Milwaukee Bucks win the game by less than 7 points, you lose the bet.
  3. If the Milwaukee Bucks lose the game, you lose the bet.

As you can see in the example, the odds are evenly spread out at -110. In fact, sportsbooks use the point spread as a handicap and usually have -110 odds.

Handicap betting is used to even out the playing field between two teams which are not evenly matched.

What Does Alternate Spread Mean in NBA?

Alternate spreads are spreads that differ from the original point spread for the NBA game. Most NBA betting sites will offer these alternate spreads.

An alternate spread will have a different point total and odds, as you can see in the example from Sports Interaction below:

Milwaukee Bucks vs. Atlanta Hawks Alternate Spreads
Alternative Spread Bets
Our Recommendation Sports Interaction Review – Is It Safe in Canada?

We recommend Sports Interaction for NBA spread bets because it offers various options compared to other sportsbooks.

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A totals bet, also known as Over/Under betting, is a bet on the total points scored in a game.

NBA totals bet

For example, in LA Clippers vs. Phoenix Suns, the ‘under’ bet will result in a win if the total game points amount to less than 224. On the other hand, the ‘over’ bet will win if the total number of points are above 224.

Our Recommendation Bet99 Review | Get an Exclusive $600 Bonus

All sportsbooks will offer total bets, but our personal favourite is Bet99 because it offers a variety of options.

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A prop bet is a wager based on occurrences or non-occurrences during an NBA game.

Top Tip!

The outcome of the NBA game does not matter for most prop bets.

NBA prop bets can be anything ranging from the number of assists of a player, first team to score, if there will be overtime, players with most points, and a lot more.

Our Recommendation Bet99 Review | Get an Exclusive $600 Bonus

If you’re interested in prop bets, Bet99 has a separate category for prop bets and offers the widest range of prop bets we’ve seen at Canadian sportsbooks!

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Live betting takes NBA betting to the next level. With live betting options, you can place bets while the game is in full swing. This allows you to spot advantageous bets while the game develops.

Some sportsbooks even offer live streaming of NBA events, which really help you speed up your betting process!

Do keep in mind that in order to place live bets, you are ideally familiar with the game and can make accurate predictions without a lot of research.

With that in mind, we wouldn’t recommend live betting to a complete beginner as it can lead to some unfavourable results.

Our Recommendation Unibet Canada Review – How Does Unibet Work?

Unibet offers live streaming of NBA games, which is perfect for live betting!

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Parlay betting is when you make multiple wagers (at least two) and tie them in the same bet. The higher the number of NBA bets, the higher the total payout.

Top Tip!

Although payouts are bigger, we do not recommend that you use parlays too often, as the risk of losing bets increases.

In fact, sportsbooks tend to have a whopping 30% house edge on parlay bets, which is a lot more than the average 5% house edge.

View parlay bets as a fun way to bet on some NBA games, but do not try to chase those big payouts if your bankroll does not allow it.

Our Recommendation Unibet Canada Review – How Does Unibet Work?

If you want to place some parlay bets, we think that Unibet’s bet slip is easy to use and displays potential payout.

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NBA Futures are bets on an event that is happening in the future. For example, you can bet on the NBA Finals winner, or Most Valuable Player, or whether a team will make the NBA playoffs. Odds will vary depending on what you bet on.

Here’s an example from Sports Interaction, which is a sportsbook that has a multitude of options for futures:

NBA futures bets
NBA Futures Bets at Sports Interaction

Betting on the NBA in Canada is a straightforward process, and we’re going to walk you through it step by step.

  1. Select your sportsbook and register an account.
  2. Go to the cashier section and deposit money.
  3. Choose the NBA game you want to bet on.
  4. Choose your bet type. Once you select it, your betting slip is immediately updated.
  5. Proceed to pay the bet.
Take Note!

Sports betting is always based partly on luck, which is why there is no foolproof strategy to win all bets.

Having said that, the following tips are good to keep in mind and will help you bet more strategically.

Compare Different Odds

Although the sportsbooks we listed all have good NBA odds, odds will still vary slightly from one game to the next. That is why you should take the time to compare different NBA betting sites and choose the best for your bet.

For instance, we analyzed the odds for Atlanta Hawks vs. Milwaukee Bucks, and this is how the sportsbooks compared to each other:

UnibetSports InteractionBet99Spin Sports
Milwaukee Bucks1.291.311.291.28
Atlanta Hawks3.753.613.753.70
Odds for Milwaukee Bucks vs. Atlanta Hawks

According to this example, the best odds for Milwaukee Bucks are at Sports Interaction. Bet99 and Unibet lead the pack for odds for Atlanta Hawks.

Stay Informed on Player Injuries

Make sure to check for player injuries before placing a bet.

An injured or a resting player can significantly impact the outcome of an NBA game, which is why you should have all the facts.

Since injuries are usually announced very close to game time, we suggest you leave your betting close towards the start of the game and avoid any surprises.

Pay Attention to the Schedule

A tired team with back-to-back games is likely to underperform. Check the team’s schedule and take note of any games that might be a struggle for the team.

Sites like ESPN can be useful to check the NBA schedule.


Betting on the NBA in Canada is easy. First, find a sportsbook that accepts Canadian bettors. Our selection of recommended NBA betting sites can be of use here. Once you’ve found the sportsbook, you can sign up, deposit, and place a bet on an NBA game of your choice.

An NBA spread or a point spread is a bet on the number of points by which the favourite team is expected to win.
A favourite is represented with a minus sign (-), while the underdog will be marked with a positive sign (+). For example: Milwaukee Bucks (-5.5) vs. Atlanta Hawks (+5.5).

Our list of NBA betting sites for Canada will give you some of the top recommendations for Canadian players. We rate them as the best based on factors like their NBA betting options, live betting action, selection of payment methods, and more.

An NBA parlay bet is when you make multiple wagers (at least two) and tie them in the same bet.


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