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How to Bet on the Premier League From Canada

Cover image for post Betting on EPL
Betting on EPL
How to Bet on the Premier League From Canada

Canadian bettors can easily place bets on the English Premier League before and throughout the season.

In this guide, I’ve dissected everything regarding legal options (which differ across Canadian provinces), how to start betting, and which sportsbooks are the best for EPL bets.

Learn more about the basics and intricacies of soccer betting here!

Online betting is perfectly legal in Canada, and betting on the English Premier League is no exception.

However, there are differences in options between Ontario and the rest of Canada.

If you’re in Ontario, make sure you’re betting at sportsbooks with a valid iGaming Ontario license, as any other sportsbook isn’t legal.

In the rest of Canadian provinces, the online betting market isn’t open, so there’s no clear distinction.

While provincial options like PlayNow or Play Alberta are the only government-run options, international websites are still widely available and safe betting options.

Just to be on the safe side, I always recommend opting for iGO-licensed sportsbooks, as they offer the most secure Premier League betting experience, despite their license not applying to other provinces.

When it comes to betting in Canada, you can bet in-person at one of the land-based sportsbooks, or online.

Regarding betting in-person, it requires you to be physically present at a sportsbook as you’re betting.

Meanwhile, online betting gives you more flexibility and far more betting options, as you can closely follow the betting markets and odds changes by simply visiting the website.

The good thing about online betting is that it also gives you access to safe international EPL websites.

Where to Bet in Ontario

Ontario is the only Canadian province in which international operators have a regulated status, making it far more fun when it comes to choosing where to bet.

PROLINE+ is the government-run option in the province. However, like virtually all provincial options, it tends to focus heavily on North American sports and leagues and has less variety in sports popular in Europe.

For you, that means fewer leagues and fewer soccer betting markets to choose from, as you can see in LBC’s PROLINE+ review.

Luckily, there are also reputable, legal international websites with decades of experience you can access.


  • Various Pre-Constructed Parlays

  • Competitive Odds

  • Only Available in Ontario

If you’re looking to make regular bets on specific matches or explore diverse options in the props market, I suggest Betano as it offers a wide range of choices that you’ll appreciate.

variety of Betano prop bets for West Ham Utd vs Manchester Utd

Add competitive odds on top of that, and you have a sportsbook that’s a must for EPL bettors.

Awarded Operator of the Year in 2022, Betano boasts top-notch tools for promoting responsible gambling, setting a high standard in the industry.

The sportsbook features an extensive selection of match props and various pre-constructed parlays. With them, you have the sportsbook “helping” you if you’re stuck and unsure of what to bet on when it comes to a specific match.

Betano was initially accessible all across Canada but has recently decided to keep offering its services only in Ontario.


  • Unique “Bet Builder” Feature

  • Variety of EPL Prop Bets

  • Functional Betting App

  • Odds not Always Competitive

When it comes to parlays, I’ve found that few platforms match the coverage provided by Bet99, especially with their remarkable “Bet Builder” feature.

Bet99 offers an impressive array of markets for combining plays, and their user-friendly website simplifies the process of creating your ideal multi-leg wager.

Whether you’re aiming for a two-leg parlay or assembling a daring 10-leg wager, Bet99 presents an abundance of options to suit your preferences.

Similar to Betano, Bet99 hosts a multitude of Premier League prop bet markets (including interesting combo props), allowing you to explore various betting options.

Variety of prop bets for EPL at Bet99

One of Bet99’s strengths lies in its exceptional user experience. Their wagering app and website are remarkably user-friendly, catering to both English and French speakers.

Moreover, they provide a robust set of tools for responsible gambling, further enhancing their portfolio of features available for users.

One downside of the brand is that it doesn’t always offer odds as competitive as Betano and bet365.


  • Variety of Futures Bets

  • Unique Prop Bets Including O/U on Player Goals

  • Region-Specific EPL bets

  • Auto Cash-Out Feature

If you’re interested in engaging with the futures market, bet365 stands out as an exceptional choice.

Renowned in sports betting, they provide the most extensive array of futures options available in Canada.

bet365 not only enable wagers on conventional futures, such as predicting the league winner, but they also offer unique props like Over/Under totals on player goals.

Moreover, they allow bets on specific regions within the Premier League, like which team from a particular area—such as London—will secure the highest finish.

With multiple deposit options and the convenient auto cash-out feature, managing funds in your account or withdrawing them becomes effortless.

Additionally, their commitment to promoting safe gambling practices is well-established.

Where to Bet in the Rest of Canada

As I mentioned before, the only provincial betting options in the rest of Canada are government-run websites like PlayNow and Play Alberta.

While these websites get regularly updated to better compare to international sportsbooks, they still tend to be largely focused on North American sports and leagues, and not as much on Europe-dominated sports like soccer.

This means you may occasionally be able to snatch some value bets!

For example, I was impressed to see PlayNow offering 310 betting markets for the match between Brantford and Liverpool, with bet365 offering only 161.

I even noticed the sportsbook’s odds improved immensely, and for Brantford winning as well as a tie, it offered better odds than bet365.

PlayNow has more betting markets and better odds in this case than bet365

That said, this provincial option still lacks betting tools. While there is a cashout option, you can’t tell which games are eligible until you’ve already placed the bet.

And unlike bet365 offering HD live streaming, PlayNow doesn’t offer live streaming at all.

That’s why some bettors may opt for international sportsbooks with a wider variety of betting tools.

The good news is, those outside of Ontario can also enjoy Bet99 and bet365 and rest assured they’re playing at safe and renowned sportsbooks.

Signing up and placing your first EPL bet on a Canadian sportsbook is very easy — here’s how to do it:

Step 1: Choose one (or more) sportsbooks you want to sign up at. Compare the variety of betting markets, odds, as well as ease of navigation before making the decision.

Step 2: Fill in personal information such as name, surname, and email.

signing up to bet99: name, email, username, & password

Step 3: Next, you’ll be asked to provide more info, such as your address and phone number.

Bet99 sign up form: address and province

Step 4: Once you click to create the account, you will have to verify your identity.

Except for making sure your identity is protected, it also serves to verify your location, as sportsbooks won’t let you access Ontario-only sportsbooks from other provinces, for example.

Step 5: Once you’ve verified your identity, you must first place a deposit before being able to place a bet.

The average minimum deposit tends to be $10 but can go as high as $20.


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