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Is theScore Bet Legal in Canada? [Latest Updates]

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Is theScore Bet Legal in Canada? [Latest Updates]

Toronto-based theScore was one of the first operators which confirmed that they intend to offer their sportsbook product in Ontario.

After the Senate voted to pass Bill C-218, the company even placed three billboards in Downtown Toronto as part of the marketing campaign for its mobile sports betting product.

Recently, the brand has acquired its iGO license. And though theScore is well-known for its sports news app, the question is whether the betting experience will match that.

A Closer Look at theScore

theScore originated as a Canadian television sports network in 1997, and in 2005 launched its sports media app.

The brand made a move to sports betting in September 2019.

theScore Bet is one of the most popular sports betting apps in North America, despite being fairly young compared to many of its competitors.

Is theScore Legal in Ontario?

After having waited for a while after its AGCO approval, theScore has now acquired an iGO license as well. This makes the betting brand legal in Ontario.

theScore Sportsbook in Other Canadian Provinces

theScore is currently focusing on Ontario only. At the moment, Ontario is the sole province that includes private operators as part of its betting market.

This doesn’t mean that theScore sportsbook and other operators like FanDuel Ontario won’t be available in other provinces in the future. Until then, Ontarians can safely place bets at both brands.

As always, our team will keep you updated on all the latest news about legal betting options in Ontario and other provinces alike!


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