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Bet99 Vs. Bet365: Which is Better and Why

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Bet99 vs bet365
Bet99 Vs. Bet365: Which is Better and Why

Bet99 vs bet365 Overview

Live StreamLimited matchesMore live streams
Support Response TimeUp to 60 secondsHard to get past AI assistant
Betting MarketsSome unique marketsMore markets for the NHL
OddsBetter odds for favouritesBetter odds for underdogs
Betting toolsNo stats pageDetailed stats page
Payment Modes58
Minimum Deposit/Withdrawal$20$10
Withdrawal TimeWithin 48 hours24-72 hours
Live CasinoMore varietyMore exclusive games
User-friendlinessBetter sportsbook navigationUser-friendly betting page

Upon comparing Bet99 to bet365, I feel both sportsbooks and casinos are on par, and you cannot go wrong with either.

The final decision mainly comes down to personal preferences.

For example, if you want payment options like Paysafecard, Apple Pay, or PayPal, then bet365 is the ideal sportsbook.

bet365 also gives you detailed stats and more live streams.

On the other hand, Bet99 generally has better odds for the favourites.

They also have a better navigation and their customizable menu makes it super easy to find your favourite matches.

I also prefer their live casino as the have a greater variety to choose from.

Both brands have an iGO license, which makes them 100% legal in Ontario and safe for users from other provinces.

Regarding partnerships, both brands do a great job here.

bet365 has been serving customers in other countries since the 2000s.

Thus, it is no surprise that they have partnered with some of the biggest teams, players and leagues.

For example, they have partnered with teams from the NHL and the English Premier League.

Plus, they are official sponsors of the PGA Tour 2024 and the UFC.

While Bet99 may not have the same experience as bet365, they have rapidly grown into one of Canada’s most prominent sportsbooks.

Their partnership with the NHL is a standout.

NHL PrePlay mentions their partnership with Bet99
NHL PrePlay mentions their partnership with Bet99

Both brands also have partnerships to ensure safe, fair, and responsible gambling.

For example, Bet99 partnered with US Integrity, while bet365 extended its partnership with Rightlander.

Winner: Tie

Both brands have strong partnerships. Not only does it include players, teams and leagues, but also partnerships aimed to improve user experience and ensure fair gaming.

Sportsbook Comparison

I’ll cover matches from the NBA and NHL to give you a detailed idea about the odds.

NHL Odds

Let’s start with the match between the Florida Panthers and the New Jersey Devils.

Other Odds
Higher Odds
Other Odds
Higher Odds
Florida Panthers
New Jersey Devils

For the above match, the odds of Bet99 and bet365 are on par for both the underdogs and the favourites.

Next up is the match between the Edmonton Oilers and the Boston Bruins

Other Odds
Higher Odds
Other Odds
Higher Odds
Edmonton Oilers
Boston Bruins

In this case, Bet99 has the higher odds for the favourites (Edmonton Oilers), while bet365 has the higher odds for the underdogs (Boston Bruins).

NBA Odds

The Boston Celtics are at the top of their game.

Are you rooting for them as well?

Then here’s more about their odds for their match against the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Other Odds
Higher Odds
Other Odds
Higher Odds
Boston Celtics
Cleveland Cavaliers

In the above match, Bet99 again has the higher odds for the favourites (Boston Celtics).

bet365 has the higher odds for the underdogs (Cleveland Cavaliers).

Other Odds
Higher Odds
Other Odds
Higher Odds
Detroit Pistons
Miami Heat

The above match continues the trend we see above.

Bet99 has higher odds for the favourites, i.e., the Miami Heat.

bet365 is the ideal choice if you want to bet on the underdogs, i.e. the Detroit Pistons.

Winner: Tie

Bet99 usually has good odds for the favourites, while bet365 has higher odds for the underdogs.

However, note that the odds are true at the time of writing and are subject to change closer to the matchday.

While both sportsbooks have markets like game props, player props, same game parleys, etc. bet365 edges this one for me.

Here’s why.

bet365 had additional markets like the 1st 10 Minute for the match between the Florida Panthers and the New Jersey Devils.

bet365's 1st 10 Minute betting market for the NHL match between the Florida Panthers and the New Jersey Devils
bet365’s 1st 10 Minute betting market for the NHL match between the Florida Panthers and the New Jersey Devils

Bet99 did not have any such markets

I noticed this for other NHL matches as well.

However, do note that Bet99 always surprises us with unique markets close to a major final or match.

For example, 3 days before the 2024 Super Bowl, I found markets like the MVP Specials.

MVP Special bets and odds on Bet99
MVP Special bets and odds on Bet99

This is similar to what I noticed in 2023 as well.

I found no unique markets on bet365 for the Super Bowl in 2023 or 2024.

Winner: bet365

While Bet99 comes up with unique markets closer to important matches, bet365 takes the cake since they had more regular markets than Bet99 for the NHL. bet365 also goes toe-to-toe with Bet99 for prop bets.

As I mentioned in my Bet99 vs. Sports Interaction post, I really like Bet99’s Top Leagues section.

It gives me an idea of the popular upcoming/ongoing tournaments. Plus, gives me instant access to the odds and other details about the matches.

For example, I can view the live and upcoming NHL matches instantly rather than go to ‘Hockey’ and then look for the NHL in between other hockey leagues.

Top Leagues menu gives you easy access to your favourite leagues.
The Top Leagues menu gives you easy access to your favourite leagues.

And the best part is that this menu is customizable.

You can click on the star option to either add or remove tournaments or leagues from the menu.

bet365 has ‘Popular’ and ‘Frequently Visited’ sections.

However, I did not find them equally helpful as they did not cover as many leagues or upcoming events as I found on the Bet99 menu.

Popular Leagues and Frequently Visited Section on bet365
Popular Leagues and Frequently Visited Section on bet365

There’s a Top Events section in the right-hand menu.

This does cover live and upcoming events for sports like soccer, hockey, basketball, etc. However, it isn’t customizable.

Top Events page on bet365
Top Events page on bet365

Plus, you would still need to select a sport and then look for the league and match you want to bet on.

I like that both sportsbooks have the ‘Help’ and ‘Responsible Gambling’ sections in the top menu.

Bet99 also allows you to change the language in the top menu, making it easy to access.

There’s also the ‘Educate’ section that is great for beginners who want to understand the basic of betting and casino games before jumping into it real-time.

Bet99 puts important images in the top menu.
Bet99 puts important images in the top menu.

On bet365, you must scroll down to the footer to change the language and odds.

bet365 footer has the option to change language and odds format.
bet365 footer has the option to change language and odds format.

Plus, they do not have an ‘Educate’ section like Bet99

Winner: Bet99

From the customisable ‘Top Leagues’ menu in the sidebar to the top menu that that includes responsible gambling, help, language change, educate section, etc. Bet99 aims to gives users quick and easy access to everything that matters.

Live Stream

While both sportsbooks have live streams, bet365 usually has live streams for more matches.

Live streams are limited on Bet99.

Plus, finding and starting a live stream is easier on bet365.

All you need to do is click the live stream icon, and voila.

bet365 live stream icon
bet365 live stream icon

Both sportsbooks have watch and bet.

This makes watching and betting truly uninterrupted, as you do not need to minimize your live stream or switch tabs/windows.

All the controls you need are available on the screen and can be easily hidden when you don’t need them

Winner: bet365

bet365 gives you the most live streams amongst popular sportsbooks, like Bet99, Sports Interaction, Betway, etc.


bet365 gives you a detailed statistics page.

You’ll get not only stats like head-to-heads or standing but also other details about each team’s last few matches.

This helps you understand their form coming to the match.

There are also stats like highest points, number of victories, etc.

You can also look into stats from various stadiums or search and jump to stats of your favourite teams from other sports (as I do in the video below)

Bet99 does provide stats like head-to-head, standing, etc., on the match page.

However, unlike bet365, there is no detailed stats section.

Winner: bet365

Detailed stats can help you make more informed decision. And bet365 gives you more than just a few basic stats with their in-depth stats section.

Live Betting

Both sportsbooks use engaging graphics to inform users of the live action.

For example, in the video below, you can see that the graphics show who is serving and who scored a point on Bet99.

You’ll also see various stats popping up (especially during breaks).

Then, there is the detailed stats section on the side.

This is similar to what I found on bet365 as well.

The one thing I love about bet365 is how easy it is to switch between matches.

Check out the video below to see how you can jump from one match to another in seconds.

This is something I’d like to see more sportsbooks adopt.

Furthermore, the stats and visuals aren’t hidden on bet365 when you scroll down to view all markets on the desktop.

This means you have access to live stats till you place your bets.

You’ll find the stats and visuals hidden under the navigation menu when you scroll on Bet99’s live betting page.

Winner: bet365

Both sportsbooks do a good job of making their live betting page more engaging while giving users all the necessary stats about the players and teams. However, the ease of switching matches wins it for bet365.

Other Tools

bet365 allows you to create notifications or alerts based on the sports.

For example, you can create the following alerts for basketball matches:

  • Start of Match
  • Start of Quarter
  • Start of Half
  • Result of Quarter
  • Half Time Result
  • Result of Match
  • Point by Point Score.

Similarly, you have options for soccer and tennis matches.

Here’s a detailed guide on how you can create alerts.

Another standout feature on bet365 is audio commentary.

While this is limited to soccer, cricket and greyhound racing, I love that bet365 goes above and beyond to provide users with the best betting experience.

Greyhound racing audio commentary on bet365.
Greyhound racing audio commentary on bet365..

And I hope they expand the feature to other sports.

Furthermore, you can also create requests for auto-cashout and partial cashouts for selected matches.

You can create Auto and Partial cashouts on bet365.
You can create Auto and Partial cashouts on bet365.

I also appreciate that bet365 has detailed pages explaining each of these features.

For example, you can check out all about cashouts in this guide.

Bet99 and Bet365 offer similar numbers of slots.

For example, Bet99 has 84 slots for Ontarians, while bet365 has 85.

Note: The availability of slot games varies between Ontario and other provinces due to the difference in regulations.

However, the major difference is that Bet99 does not give you any information about the volatility.

Plus, neither sportsbook has a filter to sort slots by volatility, providers, etc.

However, Bet365 has info boxes on the games that give details about their volatility and RTP (Return to Player) values.

bet365 game info box
Game info box on bet365

Regarding table games, Bet99 has more variety.

You’ll find games like Monopoly, Andar Bahar, Poker, Blackjack, etc.

However, Bet99 also mixes live games with table games, which makes it harder to find table games.

Live games listed under table games.
Live games are listed under table games.

While bet365 has fewer table games, it only displays the correct games in the category. This makes the section more user-friendly compared to Bet99.

Winner: bet365

While both casinos have the same number of slots, bet365 provides more details about the games via info boxes. Their table games section is also more user-friendly.

bet365 has around 16 exclusive live casino games.

This includes roulette, blackjack, baccarat, etc.

Exclusive live casino games on Bet99.
Exclusive live casino games on Bet99.

However, there are fewer games compared to Bet99.

While Bet99 does not have any exclusive games, they have 100+ blackjacks.

Play 100+ blackjack games on Bet99
Play 100+ blackjack games on Bet99

This is the most I have come across.

On the other hand, bet365 has around 40 blackjack games.

Furthermore, bet365 has around 7 baccarat games, while Bet99 has 73 baccarat games.

Note: The number of games will vary based on your province due to legal restrictions. The numbers mentioned above are true for Ontario at the time of writing.

Winner: Bet99

Bet99 does not offer exclusive games. However, it offers more options for games like blackjack, baccarat, roulette, etc., from top providers like NetEnt and Evolution.

Bet99 has limited payment options. On bet99, you’ll find:

  • Interac
  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • Instant Bank Transfer
  • InstaDebit
Deposit options on Bet99.
Deposit options on Bet99.

On bet365, you’ll find more options for deposits:

  • Interac
  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • Apple Pay
  • Paysafecard
  • Instadebit
  • PayPal
  • Clicktopay
bet365 has 6+ deposit modes
bet365 has 6+ deposit modes

You’ll also find more options for withdrawals:

  • Interac
  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • Wire Transfer
  • Instadebit
  • PayPal
bet365 has 5+ withdrawal modes.
bet365 has 5+ withdrawal modes.
Winner: bet365

bet365 gives you more options to deposit and withdrawal funds compared to Bet99.

Deposit Time

Deposits were instant with both sportsbooks.

I used online bank transfer and Interac on Bet99 for deposits, which took between 1 and 2 minutes for each.

On bet365, I used Apple Pay and Interac. Deposits again took no more than 1-2 minutes.

Minimum Deposit

The minimum deposit on bet365 is $10, while the minimum deposit on Bet99 is $20.

bet365 has 5+ withdrawal modes.
bet365 offer higher maximum deposit limits.

As you can see in the image above, Bet365 also offers a good maximum deposit limit.

On Bet99, the maximum you can deposit is $5,000 via Instadebit.

Winner: bet365

bet365 not only gives you more deposit options, they also have a lower minimum threashold of $10 compared to $20 on Bet99. You also get a higher maximum limit with bet365.

Withdrawal Time

Withdrawal Time

I made withdrawals using wire transfer on Bet99 and the payment reached my account within 48 hours.

withdrawal confirmation on bet99
Withdrawal confirmation on bet99

My wire transfer on bet365 took a tad longer. I received my payment around the 72-hour mark.

However, one important thing to note is that I did not have any issues with my first withdrawal. it reached within the stipulated time of 1-5 business days.

My first withdrawal on Bet99 came back into my wallet after a few days.

Bet99 said the issue was at the payment provider’s end.

While I have good reason to belive them (since my second deposit took less than 48 hours), it did not make for good experience.

I made another withdrawal of $20 on bet365 via Interac. This time, I received the payment within 24 hours.

Minimum Withdrawal

bet365 allows you to withdraw $10.

However, you can only withdraw on Bet99 once you have $20 or more in your wallet.

Winner: bet365

While both platforms give you quick withdrawals, I like that bet365 gives me more withdrawal modes and also has a lower withdrawal limit. Plus, my overall withdrawal experience was smoother with bet365.

I have contacted Bet99 support for various reasons, such as:

  • The dark and light mode on the site
  • Questions about payment modes
  • Questions about slot game availability

Each time, the response has been quick and adequte.

The Bet99 support team confirmed they have removed certain payment modes.
The Bet99 support team confirms they have removed specific payment modes.

This shows their support has good knowledge of the market and the platform.

Their AI assistant can also guide you through smaller issues like changes in odds format or language.

And you can easily skip past the assistant with a ‘Speak to Agent’ message.

On bet365, my experience wasn’t so smooth.

I found it tough to get past the AI assistant. That’s because I could not find an option to type a message.

The option to type my question isn't available on the bet365 chat.
The option to type my question isn’t available on the bet365 chat.

It only connected me with an agent if it could not provide me with a solution.

The handful of times I could connect to an agent, the experience was good. They are quick and have good knowledge about the platform and market.

The virtual assistant is also handy. Here’s its detailed step-by-step guide on location settings.

bet365 support chat providing a stepwise guide for location settings.
bet365 support chat providing a stepwise guide for location settings.
Winner: Bet99

While both have good virtual assistant, being able to connect to an agent quickly is a big plus for Bet99. This helps resolve issues quickly and build trust.

bet365 agents are good, but they have to make it easier to reach them.


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