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Is Play Alberta Legit? | 2023 Review

Is Play Alberta Legit? | 2023 Review

For now, Play Alberta is the only provincially regulated online betting site for Albertans. However, the province will soon be opening up to two private operators.

Until then, we took a deep dive into this sportsbook and casino to see what the only regulated option has to offer to Alberta bettors. In this guide you’ll read about Play Alberta’s:

  • Sports and betting markets
  • Betting tools
  • Odds
  • Number and variety of casino games
  • Payment methods
  • Whether there is an app.

Play Alberta Overview

  • Screenshot
  • Screenshot
  • Screenshot
  • Screenshot

Provincially Regulated

All Revenue Goes Back to Alberta

Cash Out Option

Low Minimum Deposit

No Maximum Withdrawals


Very Few Sports

Fewer Than 200 Casino Games

No Live Streaming

Odds Not Very Competitive

No Downloadable App

Is Play Alberta Legit?

  • Provincially Regulated

  • Strong Focus on Responsible Gambling

Play Alberta is the only sportsbook in the province which is fully provincially regulated. This makes it safe in terms of knowing you won’t be scammed out of your money.

However, one of the most important things that make an online sportsbook safe is also the focus on responsible gambling.

good responsible gambling section

We found that Play Alberta does a good job ensuring their bettors are staying safe.

On Play Alberta’s website, bettors can read all about responsible gambling via a helpful FAQ section.

What’s more, they can visit the Account Limits section of their profile in order to set daily, weekly, and monthly limits.

If you don’t set your own limits within 30 days of registering, Play Alberta will make sure to remind you about which ones are available.

Another thing that Play Alberta does great, and so do many other Canadian sportsbooks such as Bet99, is the 24h rule.

They make the process of lowering the limit instant, while it usually takes around 24 hours for an increase in limit to be approved, giving the bettor the chance to change their mind.

How Does Play Alberta Work?

  • Easy to Navigate

  • Quick Sign-Up Process

  • Asks for Employer’s Name

Play Alberta has a very simple and clean interface. Sports are on the left hand side, while the betting slip (along with open and settled bets) can be accessed on the right.

On the left, below sports, you can easily switch the odds display to American, Fractional, or Decimal.

How to Sign up to Play Alberta

Signing up to Play Alberta is a simple process.

1.First, you’ll need to provide your email and password.

Play Alberta registration process — email and password
Play Alberta registration process — email and password

2.Then, enter your personal information. Play Alberta also requires to know your employer’s name, which we haven’t seen on any other sportsbooks.

Play Alberta registration process — personal information
Play Alberta registration process — personal information

3.Play Alberta will then verify your details on the spot, and once they’re verified, you’ll be expected to present an additional proof of identity.

Play Alberta Sports Betting

  • Covers All Major Sports

  • Cash Out Available

  • Very Few Sports

  • No Live Streaming

  • Not Many Prop Bets

Play Alberta lets you bet on all major Canadian favourites like hockey, football, basketball, and soccer.

However, the major sports are pretty much all there is to it, as Play Alberta has only 8 sports available.

Options like cricket, eSports, curling, or lacrosse, available at plenty of international sportsbooks, don’t exist on Play Alberta.

Betting Markets

Play Alberta tends to offer all of the major betting markets available elsewhere, such as moneyline, three-way bets, and over/under bets.

However, it doesn’t really offer prop bets, which are some of seasoned bettors’ favourite ones.

Betting Tools

At Play Alberta, bettors can cash out on select markets. There is also the live betting option.

Sadly, there is no live streaming available, which virtually all international sportsbooks in Canada offer. For example, bet365 offers HD live streaming, along with exclusive low-latency NFL live streams.

Play Alberta can hardly compete with that.


One of the most important things bettors will want to know when choosing an online sportsbook is whether it offers competitive odds.

To test it out, we looked into the odds for the FIFA World Cup finale:

Play Alberta2.603.102.50

Play Alberta has competitive odds only for the draw option. It’s outdone by both Bet99 and Betano for odds on both teams.

play alberta odds

A $100 bet on Argentina at Betano would result in $300 minus your original wager, while you could only get $250 at Play Alberta.

Play Alberta Casino

live casino
Play Alberta live casino
  • All Popular Casino Games Available

  • <200 Casino Games

  • Live Casino Only Has 6 Games

Though Play Alberta has a certain variety of casino games types and includes:

  • slots
  • poker
  • video poker
  • baccarat
  • blackjack
  • roulette

Until recently, with fewer than 200 casino games, PlayAlberta couldn’t compare to websites such as Bet99 or LeoVegas, which have well over 1500.

However, thanks to its recent partnership with Pairplay, players will now get access to slots available via its Fusion Platform.

These include some of the most popular titles like Capital Gains, Golden Wins, and Tiger Lord.

Still, the brand would need to do more in terms of other games, such as table games, to be able to fully compare to its international competitors.

And while there’s also a live dealer section at Play Alberta, there are only 6 games to choose from.

Is There a Play Alberta App?

  • Decent Mobile Experience

  • No Downloadable App

Unfortunately, Albertans cannot bet at Play Alberta via an app. The sportsbook and casino still doesn’t have a downloadable app, although we’ve found the mobile experience to be decent.

Meanwhile, many international operators offer Albertans highly functional betting apps.

Payment Methods

  • Easy Withdrawal Process

  • Low Minimum Deposit

  • No Maximum Withdrawals

  • Very Few Payment Methods Available

Currently, Play Alberta takes deposits via debit/credit cards and Interac.

This operator has one of the lowest minimum deposits available in Canada, and it’s only $5. The maximum daily deposit is $25,000.

When it comes to withdrawals, bettors can only withdraw money using a bank transfer. The expected withdrawal time at Play Alberta is 3-5 business days.

Play Alberta also has a fairly low minimum withdrawal limit at only $10.

There is no limit on maximum withdrawals, but you’ll be asked to provide additional confirmation when trying to withdraw $10,000 at once or $100,000 a day.

How to Withdraw Money From Play Alberta

Withdrawing your money is a simple process, that somewhat differs depending on whether you’re accessing your account from desktop or mobile.

The only minor difference is how you’re going to find the Account menu.

find play alberta account

On desktop, simply click on your name. On mobile, click on the “≡” icon in the upper-left corner.

Once you sign in and access your account menu, the following process is the same regardless of the device being used:

  1. Click on “Withdraw Funds”
  2. Select EFT — Bank Transfer
  3. Enter the amount you wish to withdraw and provide additional information needed
  4. For first-time withdrawals, you may be requested to provide additional documents

Customer Support

  • Decent FAQ Section

  • Live Chat, Phone, & Contact Form Available

Play Alberta has a decent FAQ section, so we recommend checking it out if you encounter any issues.

If you don’t find the answer there, the customer support can be contacted via live chat, phone, or through a contact form.

Play Alberta Alternatives

As we already mentioned in our Alberta sports betting article, Play Alberta isn’t the only option bettors from this province have.

Another interprovincially regulated option is Sport Select, run by the Western Canada Lottery Corporation.

The issue here is that, in order to complete their online bet, Albertans need to go to a physical Sport Select location, which defeats the purpose of online betting.

There are also international sportsbooks that accept bettors from Alberta. They aren’t illegal in the province, so you can freely place your bets there.

However, they’re not all equal. The sportsbooks we recommend all have an iGO license, which makes them legal in Ontario and a safe alternative to provincially regulated sportsbooks elsewhere in Canada.

Our Verdict

Play Alberta is a decent option for those who occasionally place a bet, and don’t stray much from the most popular sports.

But with an obvious lack of more niche options, betting markets, and betting tools, more seasoned bettors will hardly find it satisfactory.

Play Alberta’s odds can’t compete with those offered by the international sportsbooks, and its casino section is fairly small in comparison.

bottom line

Play Alberta is decent enough for a provincially regulated option, but cannot compete with international sportsbooks.


Yes, Play Alberta is a legitimate, provincially regulated betting option for bettors from Alberta.

Withdrawing money from Play Alberta into your bank account usually takes 3-5 business days.

To find out if your lottery numbers were drawn, check the Play Alberta lottery page an hour after the draw took place. Alternatively, you can also contact the operator’s customer support.


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