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The Best iDebit Sportsbooks for Canadians

Cover image for post iDebit Sportsbooks
iDebit Sportsbooks
The Best iDebit Sportsbooks for Canadians

iDebit is the preferred payment method for many Canadians. It’s easy to use and has certain perks that e-wallets and other payment methods are lacking.

In this iDebit review, we’ll present to you the recommended iDebit betting sites and casinos Canadians can use, and help you get familiar with this payment method, its fees, pros, and cons.

Think of iDebit as Canadian PayPal. iDebit allows you to quickly transfer your money using your bank account, but without the need for a debit/credit card.

Much like INSTADEBIT, iDebit connects your and the merchant’s bank account without disclosing your bank information to them.

safe & simple

In a nutshell, it’s a safe, secure way to utilize your bank account online.

What’s more, you don’t even need to create an iDebit account in order to use it. You can easily connect iDebit to your bank account while checking out as a guest, which is a real time saver.

Another neat thing with iDebit is that you can log in to access your complete transaction history at any time.

  • Bank-level Security

  • No Debit/Credit Card Needed

  • Payments Processed in Real Time

  • Can be Used for Both Deposits and Withdrawals

  • Some Withdrawal May Take a While

  • Certain Fees

  • No Business Accounts Permitted

Safe to Use

With iDebit, your bank account details remain hidden from the merchant. This helps protect you from identity frauds and scams.

Instant Access to Funds

As soon as you log into your bank account, you can access your funds. Payments are processed instantly, so you don’t have to wait to place the next bet.

Deposit & Withdraw

good news!

Unlike many e-wallets, iDebit lets you use your bank account for deposits and withdrawals alike.

This is one of the main reasons more and more sportsbooks are offering iDebit as an option, as it allows for a more streamlined transaction process.

Ease of Use

iDebit is as simple as online transactions get: log in, choose your bank, and start transferring funds.

Withdrawal May Take Some Time

Nothing is perfect, so neither is iDebit. One of its main downsides is that withdrawals may take a little while longer than other payment methods. This is something we’ll discuss further down.

Certain Fees

It’s virtually impossible to find an online transaction platform that charges no fees. iDebit is no exception. However, the fees aren’t too stark, as you’ll see below.

No Business Accounts Permitted

This is more of a nuisance than a big downside, but if you were planning on using a business account for iDebit, you won’t have that option.

iDebit claims to offer bank-level security, and the claim is based on the fact the merchant never gets to see your bank details. This helps prevent identity theft, making iDebit a very safe way to deposit and withdraw money online.

personal information

iDebit does collect your personal information such as date of birth, home address, and bank account number.

However, their privacy policy forbids them from disclosing any of it to any third parties, unless it’s necessary for the very service they provide.

One thing we see as slightly problematic in terms of safety is that, should you have any doubts about identity theft, the only way to contact them is via email. Being able to call and ask for help right away would be better.

iDebit does have some fees. However, they’re either average for these types of services, or lower than what you usually see.

The only two fees are $1.50 for making a deposit, and $2.00 for requesting a withdrawal.

iDebit fees
iDebit fees

Depositing with iDebit is very straightforward:

  1. Select iDebit as the depositing method.
  2. You either log into your iDebit account, or check out as a guest.
  3. Then, select your bank and log into your account.
  4. Now simply approve the payment, and it will be processed and deposited in real-time.

The fact that payments are being processed instantly is what makes iDebit the preferred choice of many online gamblers.

iDebit depositing process
iDebit depositing process

Good news: Unlike methods like Flexepin or paysafecard, iDebit lets you withdraw money from betting sites, as well as deposit it.

Withdrawing money from bet365 in Quebec, Ontario, or Alberta works the same way. Here’s the step-by-step process:

  1. Select iDebit as a withdrawal method.
  2. Log into your account or check out as a guest.
  3. Select ‘Withdraw funds’.
  4. Select your bank and choose how much money you want to have withdrawn.

bet365 withdrawal process tends to take between 1 and 5 working days. You can make it faster by ensuring you use iDebit for depositing your money as well as withdrawing it.

While the iDebit site lists 5 days as the maximum withdrawal time, from our experience and from what’s listed on certain betting sites, iDebit withdrawals can be cleared in as little as in 72 hours. However, iDebit may hold onto your funds until the previous transactions have cleared.

Yes, there are casinos that let you deposit and withdraw funds using iDebit. In fact, many casinos prefer it. From a technical point of view, it’s simpler to have gamblers deposit and withdraw money the same way. This cuts down on verification and processing times, which is a win for both the casino and the player.

What’s more, gamblers love this online transaction platform since it allows immediate processing.

Both INSTADEBIT and iDebit are good options for depositing and withdrawing money. Since not all popular payment methods in Canada allow withdrawals as well, either of the two will be a good choice.

That being said, each have their pros and cons.

iDebit’s main advantage is the fact it doesn’t require the creation of a profile, while INSTADEBIT has a wider bank coverage.

iDebit vs INSTADEBIT Fees

INSTADEBIT does have slightly higher depositing fees ($1.95 vs $1.50), but they only apply when depositing directly from your bank account.

Depending on what matters the most to you when choosing a payment method (and if your bank is accepted at iDebit) you’ll go with one or the other.

There’s also the question of which sportsbooks accept one vs the other. Take a look at this short overview to see if your favourite sportsbook is among them:

Sports InteractionYesYes
Royal PandaYesNo
Northstar BetsYesNo
idebit vs instadebit sportsbooks



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