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Black Friday's Influence on iGaming - Trends and Opportunities

Cover image for post Black Friday's Influence on iGaming
Black Friday's Influence on iGaming
Black Friday’s Influence on iGaming – Trends and Opportunities

Do you feel that familiar frenzy that is gripping consumers worldwide? Is it a hoax, a ruse for retailers to get hold of every nickel in your wallet, or is there value to be had?

No one knows for sure, but one thing is certain — Black Friday is a global phenomenon whose impact reverberates far beyond the realm of traditional commerce.

According to Google Trends, around 2004, Black Friday started picking up steam in web searches, marking the evolution of digital engagement and e-commerce.

Google Trends for Black Friday

Source: Google Trends

Looking at more recent data, we can conclude that the paradigm hasn’t shifted one inch.

The gradual build-up of interest, beginning as early as mid-October and extending to the end of November, culminates during the Black Friday week, and iGaming operators have been looking for ways to get in on the action.

The following case study explores how the growing enthusiasm for Black Friday, a hallmark of consumer culture, might intersect with the dynamics of the iGaming world and its potential implications for future marketing campaigns launched by operators.

During our research, we resorted to tools such as Google Trends, BrandMentions, Ahrefs, and AnswerThePublic to gather data and analyze it.

E-commerce and its reach extend to virtually every industry out there, and the iGaming sector can’t afford to be left behind. We’ve seen operators stepping up their bonus game around the Black Friday event.

One such example is the odds boosts for all NFL games played on Thanksgiving. Additionally, there are bonus bets that apply to NFL Same Game Parlays and other betting markets that are also picking up steam during this time.

These promotions are usually short-lived, meaning you have about 24 or 48 hours to claim the rewards and use them on specific markets.

The reasoning behind the effort is simple — bettors, too, are caught up in the Black Friday momentum and will be looking for deals, resulting in a massive increase in searches related to bonus deals connected with Black Friday, so the operators are abound to deliver.

sports betting black friday term on Google Trends

Source: Google Trends

What’s more, it’s Thanksgiving, and fans are going to be glued to their screens watching the action on the gridiron. In 2022, the NFL Thanksgiving games drew 138 million viewers, which was a new Thanksgiving Day record, especially for the Bills-Lions game that averaged 31.627 million viewers, peaking at 41.981 million at times.

A lot of those viewers had their skin in the game, prompted by bonuses and promotions launched during the Black Friday week.

results for bet99, bet365, and Betano on Google Trends

Source: Google Trends

This year, the spotlight turns to an intriguing development in the iGaming industry: the growing buzz around Black Friday sports betting deals. We put our faith in the numbers to check this, and the numbers don’t lie.

As of November 21st, we’ve noticed a spike in online conversations and searches related to Black Friday sports betting promotions within specific sports betting platforms, even more so than during previous years.

In fact, the number of mentions of operator deals associated with Black Friday has increased by 94% compared to the last period.

Black Friday sports betting promotions on BrandMentions

Source: BrandMentions

This uptick points towards an increasing interest among consumers in seeking out special deals tied to sports betting on this day. It’s as if consumers, typically geared toward retail sales, are now turning their gaze at the thrills and potential rewards of sports betting.

Special sports betting deals on BrandMentions

Source: BrandMentions

This evolving narrative suggests that Black Friday, a day synonymous with shopping bonanzas, might be carving out a new role in the iGaming sector.

Though we tread on hypothetical grounds, the signs are there — an indication that Black Friday is, in fact, no longer just one day, and it no longer starts the day after Thanksgiving.

Moreover, the deals seem poised to continue well into Cyber Monday, making it all the more worthwhile for operators to turn the event into a catalyst for exciting opportunities in the world of sports betting.

Just the fact that online sales across Cyber Week grew 2% YoY, reaching $281 billion globally, is a sign of massive potential.

Is the burgeoning trend of Black Friday sports betting deals just a fleeting fad or a glimpse into the future of iGaming?

A surge in online chatter about Black Friday deals in sports betting is there, so the iGaming industry, known for its agility and ever-evolving nature, is already tapping into the Black Friday frenzy and creating entire marketing strategies that shift towards seasonal events that can drive conversions and ensure player retention.

Daily NFL bonuses and profit boosts on NFL matches scheduled on Thanksgiving have been the operators’ go-to option, which comes as no surprise given the viewership and popularity of these matches.

A significant part of LegalBet Canada’s mission is to bring you the best deals and value, which is why it’s our duty to keep track of the industry trends and analyze them so that we can help you get the most for your money.


The sharp rise in online buzz around sports betting deals during this period isn’t just a statistic; it’s the pulse of a new trend.

Is this the birth of a tradition where Black Friday effectively becomes a staple in the sports betting calendar that we are witnessing?

Black Friday is an intriguing proposition for the industry, to say the least.

As these trends continue to unfold, they might redefine how we view online betting and the traditional shopping season, signalling a new synergy and a transformative phase of iGaming marketing.


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